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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Model rail july 2016

Model Rail came through the door today.

A bit about the Adams Radial with sound.

Highbridge: Acracking layout in P4 Gauge.

An Article on making Hedgerows using aquarium filters. I've seen this before An American guy i believe some years ago. It's the same method i used on my trees and hedgerows for "Pine Road"

How to model Cliffs.

How to create rails in the street.

Plus much more

Monday, 30 May 2016

Parkstone Canope's

Canope's/ canopy's/ canopes.
Was trying to be funny their but can't work out how you do the funny little thing above a French letter, (umm er not that sort of letter).

Cut up lots of bits of brass and if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday Night you might end up with this, plus burnt fingers and sore thumbs.

Bit of cleaning up here and there and a dam good wash and brush up and it will be ready for painting. Right, will go and have a cup of tea and breath again. It was a bit of brain ache working this out and putting it together.

    I had one of those Brain ache events the other day while looking at the drawings of Parkstone, convert 1/4 inch to the foot and 1/8 inch to the foot drawings into 1 foot to the foot then convert all those "foot's" into 4mm to the foot scale, (bare with me) so lots of "foots"times 4 for 4mm to the foot scale gives you the size of things in 4mm scale or 00 gauge or 1:76th scale and 4 times as many mm to the foot so you end up with an awful lot of" millimeters" 

Now, if your still with me on this you'll know what a "Brainache event" is. Something akin to when you eat an Ice cream and you get that pain going through your head.

 Shall i shut up now and go and make this Tea.         

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Brockenhurst Model Railway Exhibition

Had a trip out to the New Forest today and visited the New Forest Model Railway Society's 38th Annual Exhibition.

This is always a good show within walking distance of Brockenhurst Station."Tidworth" was their as featured in a recent Railway Modeller, also what i thought was good, was two layouts called "Nictun"  both the same, side by side but featuring different era's (has this ever been done before????). It was a bit like watching Tennis or one of those quizzes to win something where you have to spot the differences. Trelill is also a cracking Layout Well, anything Southern has got to be good in my book.

Weston Models was their, always good to have a chat to Geoff.

One more thing! only noticed one bus on a bridge so things must be looking up.

 Sorry if i didn't mention them all but always a cracking show and worth a visit for anyone in the future.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

update on Parkstone

Although i say so myself, hoping that none of you i think it's coming on ok. Just the canopy roof to do here.  

A closer view of the Goods shed. This was taken from a drawing in an old Railway Modeller.
And a view from the Pottery line.

Parkstone, i think must have been one of the least photographed stations on the line. I can't find anything of the goods area so this is going to be mostly guess work.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The art of fencing part 2

So, i decided to airbrush it, the fencing that is. I shall fill in below the fencing with grass ,greenery, shrubbery etc.

Imagining if you were stood on the corner of Alton Road and Station Road, Lower Parkstone, Now take your self back to the 1950s is this what it would have looked like? Answer's on a postcard please.

Friday, 20 May 2016

The art of Fencing

Thought i would take up Fencing about 130 feet of it should do from "Lytchett Manor Models" soldered together bit by bit in one long lenght. Solder a bit try it, solder a bit more try again got there in the end.
Need to paint it now as it should be black....I could etch blacken it never done that before, nothing ventured nothing gained.

 Stepping it down the slope was a bit of a pain.

Monday, 16 May 2016


2 Posts in one day, heck, steady now, But just thought i would show you this. I picked it up off Gumtree for £30. When i went to collect it i thought it would 2 draw unit and a top but alas it turned out to be solid oak and all one lump, just managed to fit it in the car.

I think the cheapest and ideal workbench you could have for all those modelling creation's, yes, it's an old dressing table.
But then i found something else that is really usefull, those little plastic boxes that you see in the likes of "The Range" and "Hobby Craft" 12 for 9 quid, well i think someone must have measured them...because
They fit perfectly

As if that's not enough room i treated myself to one of these i have always wanted one but the antique ones go for silly money. Highly recommended. these are well made and totally brilliant. completely lockable and lined with felt.

I have nothing in association with this company but have bought various items from them in the past and have found them very good.  


Parkstone scenery

Bit of a messy weekend. Got the Pollyfilla out and did a bit of plastering on 'Parkstone Goods'

The brown is a lot darker than in these photo's. A good old mixture of Polyfilla, PVA and brown paint, oh and some water. I add the paint to the mix so should it get chipped white doesn't show through and find that adding PVA tends to make it a bit more flexible. Will leave to dry out for a couple of days and then add all the greenery. At the moment the bank at Parkstone is well over grown so was going to do the same on the model.

Also, i painted the 02 am really pleased, just the dreaded linning to do next
   More practice with the Bow Pen me thinks. I do cheat with the boiler bands and use transfers namely from HMRS. Will give her another coat of red on the buffer beams.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


A new urinal for Parkstone. Made from plastikard, it never really looks like wood planking. I have used coffee stirrers in the past  but they are to thick for planking so Plasitkard it had to be. After a bit of weathering i'm hoping it will look ok.

Now, how to do frosted glass. When i have built coaches i have i have used tissue paper. I have some Delux water, was thinking of adding a tiny bit of grey paint and stippling it on the windows, may give it a go.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Slow worm and Sign Post

Walking through the woods  today(your in for a big surprise) Really???? with the dog as it's such a lovely day and i see this.......... I can't remember the last time i saw one but it was just lying their basking in the sunshine.

Also, on a different note i found these two picture's of some good old Dorset/Somerset type sign post in case any modeller's were out there thinking about making one of these for there layout.

I made this some time ago, But im sure the sign was from Shire Scenes. I managed to get my printer to print it out on transfer paper really small.
Tip; Paint over the print with gloss varnish and it will seal the ink i have found that Matt or Satin doesn't seal the same when you plunge the transfer into water

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Model Rail

So, This Months Model Rail came flying through the door this morning at a fair few rate of chuffs i might add.
A review of Locomotion Models APT-E
Dapol's HIA Aggregate Hoppers
Heljan's Cargowaggons

Articles include;
Tinsley South, by Father and Son team.

Mastering the Marshall Arts, Must be about Marshalling yards.

One coach wonders, about trains with one coach in them. I'm happy to see that they mention the Lyme Regis branch in this article.

Transform an RTR coach, how to transform one of Dapol's kit carriages.

Penfold Priory, a cracking little layout in 0 gauge