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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pine Road extension

Pine Road Extension:
No, nothing to do with opening hours. As Pine Road has done it's last exhibition it has taken up permanent residence in the spare room.
It's been a hell of a week, think i might go back to work for a rest (don't tell my boss).
Some pic's first:

I'm so glad that i did actually finish the back wall on the Blacksmith's shop.
A blank canvas.
The biggest problem so far is, I cannot find or who made the Backscene,
 Major problem.

What are we going to do then ? I have so many ideas flowing around in my head (yes, it does contain something)
Most importantly we have to keep it flowing, the same methods, The same products, The same feel and "ombionce" 
Ideas include
1  Dairy, mmmm been done so many times.
2  A small halt with level crossing and keepers house and loading 
   dock for one wagon. Based on Combyne. Liking this.
3  A few thatch cottages.
4  Small Rolling mill.
5  Village disappearing into the corner.
6  Stone masons yard.
Inspiration needed

Do i need a 6 cassette fiddle yard at home ? No not really so came up with this idea.
Cassette's fit in slot with test track to the front just above my workbench.
Far more useful.

So, this is the plan so far, well not that there is a plan. I just don't want to ruin the affect i have achieved previously.
Pine Road took 4-5 years to build so this extension could take at least 2 years 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wimborne Toy and train fair

Had a trip to the Wimborne toy and train fair this morning. Well one has to participate in these things doesn't one. Picked up a few bits and spent a total of 17 of your good old english pounds. So with out further ado this is the items i picked up.

Now this, i have to be honest i've know idea what it is. Guesses on a postcard please. I think, big think here that it's a SR luggage/brake/ parcel 4 wheeled van. A 3mm scale etch brass kit
whole etch

One side of van and frame
 I'm not sure what these bordered pieces are for
roof and something

One end

Tother end

It's a comprehensive set of parts, includes rivet detail overlays

Diesel Shunter
 I picked up a Bachmann body of 03 for a fiver
I have found a fascination for shunters recently so thought the book would come in handy for future reference.

Bachmann 03

Bachmann 03

Monday, 21 November 2016

Poole and District MRS

A big thank you to all those people that voted for Pine Road at this years Poole and District MRS exhibition. A photo was posted.

Me,( on the left) with the Chairman

There site Here
I believe more photo's of the event are to be posted in due course.
Thank You

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Cyno glue

I have found this stuff brilliant.
I think it's meant for the R/C boys to stick tyres on to wheels but it's good stuff.
It has a slightly thicker consistency than your everyday cyno glue and it's black and dries more like a latex glue so has a bit of give in it.

Good for gluing cabling in a Class 37.
All will be explained in a future post.

Bob Smith Industries

On a different note.
I picked this up at a bargain price. Over the moon i was. It looks brand new, the bits bag hadn't been touched, wheels really shiny, crackin i thought.
Took her home, got her out of the packaging to take this photo for all you lovely people out there of her and there it was, "Glaring" at me.
It's got a High Intensity light on the front.
No, it can't.
Gutted, My heart sunk, right down to the floor.

Ground Frame

Parkstone needs a Ground frame, basically what should unlock the points off the main line.
After looking around i found one that i thought would suit the bill perfectly. This one from MSE
MSE Ground frame

It's an etch brass kit and it's fair to say it's a bit fiddly to put together, I haven't mounted it properly yet as i'm a bit unsure as to where it should go. Somewhere i have the "Wills" point rodding kit and if the spare room wasn't such a mess at the moment i wouldn't know where to find it, Pine Road is being shelved out underneath  so can't find anything.
Fit point rodding ? well i think so, after all it's only for Two Points.

MSE Ground Frame Kit

Just incase you you are wondering, the two wagons in the background are Parkside Dundas kits.

I'm also in the process of fitting an Express models lighting kit to an older Bachmann Class 37.
I will cover the full extent of this upgrade in a later post as this is also not a 5 minute job.
Something else on the "to do" list, the idea of brass strips on the underside of the fiddle yard cassettes is not working to well on DCC. Lets just say one is loosing ones signal, an engine just carried on, so that needs sorting asap (scratching head)      

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Precision Labels

A little while ago i was looking for some replacement headcodes for my Bachmann Class 47.
I came across John at  Precision Labels  He is extremely helpful

They are printed on to a transparent film so when you push
 button "0" 
you will see the light.
Various codes are available so he is well worth contacting if this is what you are after.
I have just placed an order to change my Class 37.
Happy Day's 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 3mm Society Presflo wagon

Had a visit to the South east meeting of the 3mm scale members at West Byfleet on saturday and picked up this little kit of a Presflo wagon.

Presflo wagon kit

Looks like it could be a bit of a challenge, but never one to shy away from these things i'll give it a go

The etches

It comes complete with 2 etches, a bag of bits, a resin casting of the main body and a big sheet of instructions.
Not bad for less than 8 quid.
I'm perhaps a bit bias but join the 3mm society and get building, were a good bunch you know.  
Happy Days eh!

Casting and instructions

I'm also not one for doing things backwards but i have built some 3mm scale LSWR carriages, some wagons but have nothing to pull them with or even have a layout.
One day perhaps

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Poole and District MRS Exhibition 2016

I would like to thank everybody who voted for Pine Road at this years exhibition.
Just stood behind the layout shunting a wagon and my name was called out for !Best in Show. Wow Over the moon. Thank you.
I would personally like to thank the organiser for an excellent show.

Poole and District MRS
Pine Road
 I get asked a lot about this Brake van, A pig to build, it's a Drover's Brake Van mainly used on the Seaton and Lyme Regis Branches.
Their was only one ever built.
Can you imagine the Drover's going off to market in this, it must have wreaked of Cider.    
Drover's Brake Van. Pine Road
 Just another view across Pine Road
Across the yard. Pine Road

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Poole model railway exhibition

I should probably have posted this earlier but it's been so hectic hear lately.
Pine Road will be at Poole Model Railway Exhibition Tomorrow, Yes that is Sunday 6th of November, Yes, That is tomorrow.

What with Getting the "Chassis Jigs" up and in production, clearing out the spare room ready for "Pine Road's" return after this exhibition. I thought i would decorate the room and have a sort out of all this "stuff" i have collected up. Why you ask, Yes well you may. This will be "Pine Road" last exhibition for some time, so i thought i would have a bit of a reorganisation. One of those major sort and clear out scenarios. Get Pine Road back in it's home, shelved out underneath and have some sort of organization.

  As some of you know Pine Road was never really built as an exhibition layout and is difficult to move. Please come along and see us if you can, we are on stand number 24.

I will be back at Bournemouth Exhibition in February With "Parkstone"