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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hornby's Peckett Named

Hornby's Peckett Named.
Thanks to Narrow Planet he has been named including the works plates

Hornby Peckett "George Jennings"
Just as an added bonus i found this

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hornby BR Ferry van VIX R6773

Hi all. hope you all like the new look blog. Just thought i would have a play.

The Hornby BR Ferry Van.

I liked it and thought it might add a bit of variety to run on Parkstone on the odd occasion. I can't remember ever seeing them about back in the day
I know nothing about these but gather the idea was for them to be used for exporting loads to the continent. It's a long vehicle for just having 4 wheels. The lettering is crisp and clear, well detailed and even has opening doors.
But and it's a big but, what bothers me is, it would appear that Hornby aren't quite sure what "track" they are on.
When you look at the recently released Peckett it is superb, quiet, sweet running, well detailed, I can't fault it, so why have Hornby gone back 20 years and basically produce a seemingly well detailed body and plonked it on an old chassis.

Hornby R6773 Continental Ferry van VIX

I shall explain 

There are 2 major things that stick out and boy do they stick out 

Hornby have fitted the van with the old style "Triang" type coupling with no NEM socket, just a soddin great rivet through the hook
I was looking through the latest Hornby catalogue and it seems that a lot of the wagons and coaches to be released have these couplings. I can perhaps understand this on the "Railroad" range but it seems this is going backwards. 

Hornby Couplings

The next item on the agenda is brakes.
There not inline with the wheels.
 Am i being picky or have we all just gotten used to far higher standards. 20 years ago this wouldn't have even been an issue but for a wagon that costs £20  REALLY!!
Hornby Brakes

It's a shame because on the whole it looks the part. Bit of weathering here and there and it could look really good. As i said earlier the printing is pretty good as you can see in the photo below.

Hornby R6773 VIX

LOOK, openning doors, whoopee

Hornby Ferry van
I'm not usually one to rant but is this going to become the norm. What happened to the NEM standards.
Anyone got anything to add to this?

Thursday, 26 January 2017

wagon weathering

Thought i would have a go.
I have weathered wagons before but never attempted the inside of them, so here goes.

I have been banging on for some time about "Citadel" paints on various posts. Thinking outside the box they are intended for the Wargaming brigade but have found them extremely useful and very versatile. You can get one for spraying, texture, layers and the main ones, they do lots of washes.
The one you should buy especially is a colour called "Typhus corrosion" (yes, they do have some weird names)  a  good video and technique of how to weather a 20t  mineral 

Also Phil Parker has experimented recently with these paints


Here is my attempt, bare in mind it is my first attempt

Each plank was painted individually with a mixture of Greys, creams and beige no brown was used 

For a first attempt i think it has come out well
Have a go

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Hornby Peckett George Jennings R3427

After thinking about it for a while watching Mila Kunis on the telly, what Mila Kunis has to do with a Hornby Peckett is actually  seriously worrying, but then they are both cute with lovely curves in all the right places and both come in a nice package.

I thought the Peckett deserved more, so got the big camera out and took a couple more pic's. Unfortunately Mila Kunis was not available at the time so perhaps catch up with her next week.

Don't forget to click on the image for a bigger picture but just don't look to close 

Hornby Peckett R3427

Hornby Peckett George Jennings

Hornby Peckett

George Jennings and the Hornby Peckett R3427

I took the plunge.

It's not strictly the right W4 as there were a few differences but we had a go.
I made a new back for him out of some brass sheet. There was a bit of a "here goes" moment as i cut the windows and the extra piece that the handbrake fits in to from the original Hornby cab back.
Ideally the cab should be level with the buffer beam but then the roof would have been to short, i slight compromise but it has made the doorway a bit narrow. I did cut cut a small slither out of the cab side. Another "here goes" moment.

So, will just show the photo's and let you decide.
I am waiting for the name plates to arrive and all should be good.

Hornby Peckett

Hornby Peckett George Jennings

Hornby Peckett
     Doh, forgot to put the chimney valve back on

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hornby Peckett again

What have you done to "DODO"

After a lot of thought and scratching of head this is the state of play so far.
A pot of bits, a new back to the cab and a stripped loco body

 I made a new back plate for the cab as George Jennings has a curved back wall. i took the windows and the little bit that the handbrake fits in to off the hornby back wall

 Stripped ready for a coat of primer.
it's got to work, can't get another one...eeeek

Monday, 2 January 2017

George Jennings

Ok, so i know it's not strictly the right W4 but it will have to do for now until i can get around to building the kit one.
A polished dome, driver and name plates added she looks the part. although the nameplates are a bit on the large side.