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Announcement. Chassis Jig

I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

New Forest model railway Society Exhibition

I would just like to thank the organiser of 
the New Forest Model Railway Society
for putting on a great exhibition over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Crackin bacon rolls,
Great lunch
Thanks for all the visitors who attended and the great comments and stories about Parkstone Goods.
Thanks to Gramps and Nigel for helping me out.
One other thing,
show ended 16.30
layout packed and in the car ready to go at 16.41


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Adams B4 The Movie

Hi all.
Just thought i would post a short video of the Adams B4.
Sorry, its a bit shaky but with camera in one hand and controller in the other, i'm not one for multitasking.

I don't often do this sort of thing but am so impressed with the way she runs, i had to share.
Some people may say, it's an improvement on some of the music videos you have shared lately.
Filmed on "Pine Road"
You will see also, the 02 from Kernow which managed to make it from the fiddle yard into the station and one of Hornby's M7s which i have had for years and still runs well 

well enjoy 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

B4 lining

Goods classes were black with green lining, although Bradley states that after a few months service the line was virtually invisible.
After May 1935 this green line was omitted from the B4s and G6 classes.
As you can imagine, nothing is ever easy in the world of modelling.
The B4 should really have a green line.
I had a go.
Well, its not perfect but at least i had a go.

Adams B4 Lining

Adams B4 Lining

Adams B4
 Over the boiler was a bit of a pain
Adams B4
Generally i am pleased and she is loosening up now and runs really well.

Another Adams
Due to some comments on a previous post will this go down any better, come on, this is good cheeky little tune.
I was 6 in "69" what the hell did i know about anything.

Sing along now, you know you want to! 


Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Final Frontier.

After various attempts she is finally done.
The biggest problem was getting clearance for wheels. crossheads, conrods, pistons behind those front steps.
I was determined, i have only ever seen two B4's running at exhibitions and neither of them had the front steps fitted.
Have also discovered that from May 1935, Southern goods engines, although black had green lining, mmm, think about that one. this was omitted from this date on B4's and G6's (courtesy Bradley, Adams classes page 7) 
Less of the chat and on to the photos.
South Eastern Finecast B4

Adams B4

Kitbuilt B4

B4 Southern 94
Fitted with Romford wheels, the balance weights are made from 10 thou Plasticard and a High Level 120-1 gearbox mated to a 1420 Mashima motor. She runs at a very realistic slow speed.
Just the windows to fit and trim the rear crank pins.

What next, thinking about a G6.
I am looking forward to next weekend where hopefully will be able to pick one up.
It's going to be an expensive day out.
where will i be, well

I heard this on the radio earlier,
Oh my god, how long ago,,, heck
Cheeky little tune

Friday, 5 May 2017

The Adams B4

An Adams B4.
Apart from transfers and a coat of varnish
we have made it.
Southeastern Finecast kit built Adams B4

Adams B4

Adams B4

Monday, 1 May 2017

Even more on the B4

Yes, some more on the B4.
Yesterday, i said there was a bit missing, remember.
Pay attention now because this is how i have solved the problem.
Below is the bit that's missing.

So, i made a couple

There not perfect but, oh, so small. 
 Amazing what you can do with some 1mm brass tube, some wire, 4 brass dressmaking pins and burnt fingers.
Please don't ask why i have dressmaking pins but they have lots of uses and are very good for valve gear linkages and crossheads.
She has been painted,
but i will save that for tomorrow.
What colour is she? you know i didn't want to paint her black.
That's it, nearly done, but,
...Oh, go on then...
you can listen to this one
Happy Days