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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Exton Quay's Track laying

The track is laid
I have chosen the method i know best, well, why fix something if its not broken. Smp track was used with copper clad construction for the points.
Saying that! 
I am looking for something different to use for a Tie Bar rather than the "sleeper" that i have used before, hence they haven't been fitted yet.
Perhaps i am sad but actually find track building rather therapeutic.

The entrance to the station
Exton Quay's 
 The platform will be just in front of the train. The line in the foreground is the bay platform
(Radiator not included)
Exton Quay's
 Through the keyhole
Looks longer than five feet.
Exton Quay's
 An overall view of the station area.
Exton Quay's
   Next stage is wiring up. Some work still to do on the track and sort out a way to make the tie bars 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Exton Quay The beginnings.

Exton Quay

Not sure on the name yet but we have made a start on the new project.
I wanted a smaller version of Pine Road, basically, a layout that's easier to transport and take to exhibition, something to run the stock that is used on Pine Road.
Most of the stock is kit built and some of it gained a lot of attention at past exhibition.
As one is getting older now (quiet at the back please), something that was more manageable was the main objective. Pine Road was never designed as an exhibition layout but one caught the bug, didn't one.
Pine Road has not been broken up but has become a permanent fixture in the spare room.
to the new project.

Exton Quay, Baseboard

Exton Quay Control panel

Baseboard, yes, that will be the other end.

With the help of Martin at 
we built the baseboard, measuring 5' 5" X 2' 2" with built in control panel, the only thing to bolt on at exhibitions is the fiddle yard.
As regards to legs, i have bought Two of those adjustable trestles you see at B&Q recommended to me from a good fellow modeller.
99p cheaper than Screwfix (at the time of writing this) Bare in mind that you do need Two, there is only one in the box DoH!
Track laying begins
We had already worked out a plan, Five points gives you a bay platform, run round loop and Two sidings. I'm not one of those people that will cram track in everywhere.
As another fellow modeller once said to me, remember the number one rule, 
Keep it simple stupid
The good old method of copper clad construction is for me.
Station Throat

Layout general view

The story so far! 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Brockenhurst Exhibition

I had to share this with you all, as it contains Parkstone.

Again, i would like to thank the guys at NFRMS
for putting on a cracking show.
I would like to put One fact right tho
I bought my first home where the goods shed use to be but no longer live there.
Ok, bit picky.
Some good Photos there    

Monday, 10 July 2017

Mixed Traffic July 2017 and Chassis Jig.

The Mixed Traffic 208
July 2017
The 3mm Society Magazine
This came through the door  at the weekend.
It lists the Annual meeting 2017 awards.
Articles include
The way ahead developments on new gearing,
Stone Point,
From the Archives,
Southern model at the AGM (just up my street)
Painting People,
A Third Three Millimetre Tram,
Dockyard Shunter for Portsea.
Fitting Commode handles to etch coach sides.
What's New,
and Blastpipe

Mixed Traffic 208 July 2017
The Blastpipe section caught my eye as there is a letter published about "Pine Road Models" Chassis Jig (ie: me)
I was chuffed to see that the letter, and i quote; "is one of the better ones that i have seen. Shame then that it uses pointed axles"
This question came up a few times when i was developing the idea but i couldn't decide what the diameter of the pin should be on the ends of the axle pins.
Pine Road Models Chassis Jig
Click below for more 
A couple of others have approached me on this subject, so, always willing to please, 
I have taken this feedback onboard. 
I am in the process of turning up some axles pins. 
They will have a 2mm long x 1mm diameter pin on each end of the axles.
The reason for deciding on a 1mm diameter is, this is the size of a Romford Crankpin.
Obviously the shorter the length of the pin at 2mm, this reduces the risk of accidentally bending the pin, or the pin breaking off or going out of true during the turning process and is plenty long enough to locate a connecting rod on.
You will be able to choose weather you require taper axle pins or turned axle pins.
Extra pins will be available separately (price to be announced)
The pins would then also come in handy for sweating the two halves of a coupling rod together.

So, the jig has Three uses in one.
Handy for building chassis,
Handy for sweating coupling rods together,
Handy for setting up and running in your motor/gearbox (as i found out while building one of Highlevels gearboxes)
All for £79.95+P&P or (£75.00 at shows) 
Not long now.
 Don't forget Westfest at 
Verwood Memorial hall 
September 23rd 20177.


Thursday, 6 July 2017


Photography has always been a second love of mine,
although some of you may think differently after the quality of some of the photo's on this blog.

Usually i't a case of "quick, i must take a photo of that for the blog" and grab the phone and use that.
Pure laziness, i know but the thought of getting the big camera out, i don't normally have the time.

So, one has treated one self big time and bought this.   

Canon G7x MarkII
After lots of reading reviews, scratching ones head, thinking, god , what to buy. I had decided on the Sony RX100, that's it, that's the one
A trip to Castle Cameras proved fruitful, more so for them than me in one way
 The staff were extremely helpful. I told them what i wanted it for and the features that i needed.
That's the Sony crossed of the list then
As i already have a Canon and know basically how it it works, lets stick with what we know.
Not that this is going to be one of those big reviews of the Canon, there are enough of those on the Interweb as it is but i have to say it's impressive.
It's a dam good package.

It has.
Bulb- good for low light and light painting.
AV priority- for getting a good depth of field.
A completely manual setting
Manual focusing- a big plus for me
Good in low light.
flip up rear screen.
20 million pixels.
It will shoot in RAW+Jpeg
it will even do time laps photography .
There's an APP (as there is for most things these days) Handy for taking photo's without touching the camera.

I had a bit of a play.
These were taken in a low light room with the curtains drawn as the layout faces the window and causes all sorts of problem.
Taken on Bulb for 5 seconds
ISO 400
Could this be the replacement for the G12
Click on pics for a larger view

Pine Road SR van

Smallbrook studios Road van

Pine Road goods yard

Kernows 02
From now on, all future pics will be taken using the Canon G7x Not bad for a first attempt.
when i have gotten my head around how things work,
Things can.............................