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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Adams T1 part 6

Part 6, its coming along.
Front lamp irons fitted, buffers fitted, coal rails fitted, the four steps fitted, coupling bars and the Two pins for the Sprat & Winkle hook all fitted.
I think we might be at the white metal castings stage.
Its begining to look like something resembling a T1.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Adams T1 part 5 + bonus bit.

Handrails fitted and i remembered about the one on the back of the cab.
That small strip along the tops of the tanks, really!
The boiler is now soldered into place, nice that everything looks straight and true.
Bonus bit,
Look what fell through the door this morning.
accompanied by a very nice letter from Chris saying, sorry about the amount of flash to remove. Reference to a recent phone call to him, he did warn me that this might be the last one and if i was prepared to do some work he would cast  one more for me.
Incase you were wondering, its another Adams class loco, an 0395. Exmouth had 4 in 1927 so well, i had to didn't i.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Adams T1 Part 4

Hi all.
A bit more on the T1.
Its been a good productive day. The main body structure has progressd well.
For an old kit it is very well detailed. The window surround trim proved challenging and the sliver of brass strip that goes around the top of the coal bunker.
Lamp irons as well.
I am getting used to burning ones fingers building these things.
I have swamped the motor/gearbox for a higher ratio, now running with 120-1. I couldn't get it to crawl very well on an 80-1 probably something to do with its 22mm wheels. A slightly shorter motor also means we can fit a flywheel.
You can see from this photo the difference in size from a T1 to an 02.
There is quite a difference. Yes, it been a good kit to build.
Next job is handrails then we can solder the boiler in place, i will know where to drill the holes then, in the cab front. Not forgetting the handrail on the cab rear.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Adams T1. Part 3

An etch primed chassis and a footplate.
Soldering the valances on is a job i don't cherrish. Getting them straight and upright and an equal distance from each end is always a bit challenging.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Adams T1 part 2

I said to a friend of mine that, by Sunday night i would have a running chassis.
Well. We have gone from this....
...to this...
...to this...
yes, its a runing chassis. She pushes along quite happily.
Am i mad but i am going to give her a coat of primer in the morning, without installing the motor and giving her a good test.

The chassis runs freely, the motor and gearbox runs freely. Is this the way to build a chassis? NO.
The thing is, i have no wheels for her and can't get any yet. The ones she is sitting on are all 'live' they were used just to line the brake hangers up.
How i ended up with 4 'live' wheels is anyones guess.
Another little video for you to watch.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Adams T1

I've had this kit for sometime. A Craftsman Models kit of an Adams T1.
By today's standards its pretty basic. I have made up the chassis.
Thats it. Apart from some sandboxes, brake hangers, shoes and rodding but no springs or rivet detail at all.
More work to be done i think. Originaly designed for the old Airfix motor, i expect more of it to be drilled or filed out.
We have a bag of castings....
....and some etchings.
oh well, off we go again.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Adams 02 another one part 5

The pick-ups have been fitted, fiddly little blighters these, especially on the rear pony truck.
the connecting rods have also been fitted and soldered on to the crankpins, a very risky buisness this on plastic centred wheels. 
The wheels are Scalelink 19mm 16 spoke, handy as they fit directly on to Romford axles. I have used them before and they do work well however, it is possible to push the rims off the wheel if your a bit heavy handed, they have steel tyres, so keep them away from any moisture.
Thats it, chassis complete and running wheel.

Time for a sit down and cup of tea. I think i will watch this video and reminisce on a time that seemed a lot less stressful, when you didn't need gadgets and life was a simpler affair.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Adams 02 another one, part 4

A milestone has been reached.
The chassis is complete. Its painted and it runs. Pick-ups to do on the rear bogie and fix the connecting rods on. Job done.
I am waiting for some of those blanking plates to arrive that cover Romfords wheel nuts. Chuffed to bits with her.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Adams 02 another one, part 3

Yeah, the chassis done.
Sand boxes fitted, rear guard irons, all brake linkages sorted and the firebox ash pan has been made up and fitted. 

Friday, 12 June 2020

Adams 02 another one part 2

I got a bit more done on the chassis for the 02 today.
I thought i would try and add a bit more detail to this one as the SEF chassis is very basic.
I have added some rivet detail to the guard irons at the front and the hand brake mount. The rear guard irons have been added, these tend not to survive very long, they are very vunerable.
The holes in the brake bracket were drilled out and the threaded rod added to the ends of the brake rodding. I also added some extra detail to the hand brake linkage were it goes up to the cab.
I think the springs could do with some 'leaves' they look a bit plain.
That will do for today.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Adams 02 another one.

Off again, a bit more on another Adams 02.
We have brakes.
A bit of filing, well they don't line up with the wheels, do they. The brake shoes are not really right for the model, it is what it is.
keep going, carry on.
Think i might try and detail this chassis, it looks rather plain.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Blogging on Blogger

Two posts in one day, and an appology for those who have commented. 
Going to have a rant.
Blogger is a great tool for posting up what you have done or are doing etc. I just wish Google would be more fourthcoming when they have changed something.
Google are about to change things again. By the end of June we will all most likely be put on slightly different platform. Its suppose to be more Mobile friendly. Time will tell.
My rant is, can you please stop turning off my notifications for 'comments' i have just had the great pleasure of going through over 300 comments that hadn't shown up on the Dashboard.
Appologies to all,  i am slowly working my way through them. One comment in particular is of great interest to me and hopefully will lead to something interesting.
Rant over, back to modelling.

Where are those 19mill wheels?

Ex LSWR/SR Carriages.

I must appologise, but it would appear that i have failed to do an update on these carriages.
Original post here.
This one is the ex LSWR  Dwg 131 SR dia 404 48ft Tri-Composite Brake, or as Roxey Moulding would say 4C18.
These are the ones that were converted to the 58ft stock from about 1938 as used on the Lyme Regis branch.
Yes, i did finish this one (still have one more to build). The interiors are still to be completed.
 Im not sure on the shade of Green? I used Phoenix Paints, P84 SR coach Green 1930-1935 which should be right, just thinking its a bit dark ( wasn't around in the 1930s) Looks the same as SR Olive Green to me.
Anyway, i'm sure someone will put me right.
As i say, still have the interior to complete.
It would be easy to make the compartments up as seperate pods but the 'fold over' strip on top of the sides prevent you from dropping them in.
The roof, good old Roxey provide you with a roof. I have made it a tight fit and just clips in. 
The ends are well detailed. The buffers are from 
The underside is as well. Carefull were you place the gas tanks, they seem to vary from one coach to another. Mind they don't foul the bogie. I made a mistake, the one on the right is to far forward.
Wheels are from Alan Gibson, his superb Maunsell type.
Perhaps in another couple of years, i may have done the interiors.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Another South Eastern Finecast Adams 02

After building 3 SEF Adams 02s, i thought the 4th would be a doddle.
Well, chassis built the, problems start.
Will it run? Unable to get hold of any Markitts 19mm wheels i have used some 20mm ones that i had in stock, problem 1, more later.
Lets get to the brake gear.
Yes, 20mm wheels and the brake gear doesn't line up. You wouldn't think that 1mm would make that much difference. As they say, never go bigger. 18mm and it sits to low on the buffer height.
Here's one i made earlier with 19mm wheels. Perfect.
 kernow have used 18mm wheels on there's, could be why it sits low compared to kit built ones.
So, that's that then!
Turning my attention to the rear bogie, and trying something slightly different. How to add pick-ups. This could work.
The trouble with 0-4-4s is they are back end heavy, you need to 'load up' the boggie.
I have used Hornby springs in the past, again as these are now unavilable, i obtained these from Eilleens Emporium.
They fit perfectly over a 8BA screw.
Soldering an 8BA nut to the underside of the chassis.
Plenty of adjustment to 'load up' the boggie when the body is put on.
Its highest point, the rear driving wheel is off the rail. Also notice, the pick-up plates are invisable.
At its lowest point, the front driving wheel is off the rail.
Hopefully, one should be able to adjust this for a perfect ride height when the body is attched.
The trials and trbulations of kitbuilding.