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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Exton Quay............

Exton Quay?

As some of you may know, i built Pine Road, i never thought i would get involved within the Exhibition circuit at the time of building the layout. A massive learning curve.

Hence, Pine Road was sold and plans drawn up to build a slightly smaller, more manageable layout.

The 'Cameo competition' got in the way, and a layout was built according to the Competition rules.
We are all still waiting for the feedback as promised, from the organisers of this so called 'Competition' 1 first and 3, seconds.....

I think Exton Quay has surpassed itself, judging by the comments received at shows
So that's good then?

Exton Quay, i feel, is someone else's idea of how a layout should look, be presented and operated.
Another massive learning curve.

Exton Quay has been 
I was debating whether to break it up but a very nice young fellow persuaded me not to, and asked if he could buy it.

Exton Quay will no longer here the sounds of squawking seagulls but is moving out into the  countryside to gain the smells and sounds of 'farmy' type stuff.
The new owner is fully clued up on the layouts limitation, its quirks and its operational value.
I am happy that it has gone to a very good home and i can still have a play from time to time.
( Any exhibitions Managers reading this and worried that the layout will not be attending there exhibition, worry not, as any booked exhibitions will still be catered for)   

Turning the clock back to a time just after parting with Pine Road. I will be busy getting back to my original plan, of building something,
 slightly smaller than Pine Road, more manageable and, "my way" of thinking how a layout should look, somehow without building a copy of Pine Road.

 Enjoy your new home.
Thank you.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

00 Works Class '0330" 0-6-0 saddleback

Its here. 
Whats in the box? you might ask.
Be patient.
I have been eagerly awaiting this, from 00 Works, its the ex LSWR class 0330 in SR black, lined Green.
Isn't she stunning.
Its all cast so surprisingly heavy.
She wieghts in at 258g
Should all locos be built this way. All nicely screwed together. A coreless motor is fitted, although, im not convinced as to what all the fuss is about these. Running on Markitts wheels and axles, so easily repaired/replaced/cleaned etc.
The lining is very well done.

The only obvious thing is there are some 'pits' in the casting on the saddleback, being fair, castings can be a problem regarding this, i would prefer the wieght than a plastic moulding. 
My only other gripe is the single stage gearbox, its not great at slow speeds (or is that the coreless motor) If you intend on running it at 90 mph then it will (i have a feeling this might get swapped out at some point for something from Highlevel)
For a small company, built in the UK and a limited run, a good paint finish, crisp lining, it ain't half bad, a bit expensive but as an avid loco builder of kits, its going to cost you that in parts and you still have to build and paint it, etc.
I like it, perhaps now is the time to think, its better to have Two or Three well built locos than 10 plastic things bought at less than have the price.
9/10 that's my score. I'm not one to take a ruler to it and moan that the footplate is 1mm to short, like some might. It looks like an 0330 class, im happy.
Don' forget tomorrows post at 7.00pm.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

An update on the 02 and the Gate Stock

Hi all.
A quick update on the Adams Class 02 and the Gate Stock.
 The 02 is delayed, this is what happens when you try to rush things. The etch primer for some reason, still unbeknown to me didn't take, so we had to strip her and re-prime her.
She is now all green. I have also painted the cab interior, again the primer didn't take in one corner. I have never had this problem with a White Metal kit.

 One of the carriages from the Gate Stock has also been stripped.

We have a lot to do, don't we.
Keep an eye out for my Blog post on Friday at 7.00pm, i have something to say!

Monday, 27 July 2020

Ex LSWR Gate Stock.

While sitting here waiting for paint to dry on the Adams 02.
I was thinking about my Gate stock.
Having missed out on a Kernow model on that ebay site and another one sold for close to 200 quid, and not wanting to spend that sort of dosh on one. What could i do with the one i have?
Follows, is a list of jobs that will need doing to bring it up to today's standards. I hope you are sitting comfortably as this, i feel is going to get longer as i delve into it. 
It cant be any worse than the 'bug', can it?

First of all, the paint and lining is shocking. Also, there should be Two panels here, not Three. (2 jobs)
The handrails are somewhat over scale and it should just be a handle on the end. (3 jobs)
The driver's end is wrong for 1930s stock, we will have to change this for the Four verticals windows in the driver's end. Shouldn't be to difficult to make one as it flat without to much raised detail. (4 jobs)
The 'Gates' look ok but perhaps should be a bit taller, something i will have to live with. Rather a lot of paint here. (Job 5)
The roofs also need sorting out as they look rather flat and don't have the 'eliptical' profile that they should have. (6 jobs)
While we are on the subject of roofs, each carriage is different. The one on the right looks ok but are at different heights. This presents a problem as the carriage ends also look different. I was perhaps hoping that the Roxey Mouldings Eliptical roofs may be an option but they are to narrow. (7 possibly 8 jobs, could be 9)
Something has come detached on the inside. The lettering also leaves something to be desired. (Job 10)
The top row of 'opening' windows are also wrong, the ones on the right should look like the one on the left. (Thats 11 then)
Wheels! They are the correct size but of the wrong type. This also leads me on to a question of which i am unable to confirm, were they still fitted with Maunsell wheels with wooden centres on the 1930s stock? Alan Gibson does the exact one's, 3' 7" no less. (Job 12)
The Gas tanks will need to be removed and replaced with battery boxes. Perhaps adding a bit more detail to the underframe in the process wouldn't go admiss. (13 and 14)
Joking aside, this is going to be a long job, one of those jobs that will regularly be returned to its box, only to be bought out again for another bash at it. My plan is to strip it (job 15), de-solder it (job 16) and start again, guessing originaly that this was built from an old Jidenco kit, so no supprise really.

Coments greatly recieved.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Adams 02 making Handrails.

Making handrails is always a job that i dont really enjoy.
They are perched on top of the boiler and stand out like a sore thumb if you get it wrong.
So, i may have come up with a way of getting it to look better, or at least making the job a bit more bareable and easier to do.
First of all i take a length of 0.45 Nickel silver wire and thread on the four (in this case) handrail knobs. One short and Three medium.
The knobs need to be tinned with 145°solder, only the shank, dont solder the knobs to the wire.
As this is a white metal kit we then need to add some low melt (70°) solder on top of this. If you are not aware, low melt solder does not take to brass very well.
Drill out the holes in your boiler to 0.95 not forgeting that most handrail knobs are at an angle.
Take your length of wire with your handrail knobs on and push into place. Use plenty of flux and the tinniest of 70° solder on the end of your iron, you should be able to sweat them into place.
While your lentgh of wire is threaded through, this gives you the opportunity to mark the holes where the handrails enter the front of the cab. You can now drill these two holes. Its not to important to drill these straight, i tend to use a 0.60 drill as they will be filled with solder later.
 A nice straight line of handrail knobs.
I could not take photos of the next bit as i ran out of hands. Bending a piece of 0.45 ns wire at its centre point, i find a tin of humbrol paint is ideal, applying some heat to the wire from a lighter, tensiles the wire and it pritty much stays in a nice arch.
You can then bend one side at 90° and thread through one side of your boiler. Add the last Two handrail knobs, that's the Two that go in the front of the smoke box. Do not solder these.
This then gives you the line of sight to bend up the other side.
Pulling the handrail back through, you can then thread both sides through at the same time. Pull them through into the cab while making sure your Two Handrail knobs on the smoke box front, are located correctly, then solder the handrail to the inside of the cab.
 Its up to you whether you solder the Two smoke box knobs in but i never bother nor do i solder the handrail to its knobs at any point.
Job done. I hope this helps, it always annoys me that in magazine are instruction sheets they just say "now fit handrails" but no one ever tells you how. Now you know.
Thank you for looking and dont forget to comment and hit the 'follow' button.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Adams Class 02

We have some fiddly bits. Most of the handrails hsve been fitted, just the main one diwn the boiler to complete, as usual, i have run out of weekend. I did remember to fit the one on the rear of the cab this time.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

An Adams Class 02

And yes, yet another Adams Class 02. Is this the 5th one ?
This one will be slightly different as its going to be  'Pull-Push' fitted. I need something for my Gate Stock.
I built the chassis at the same time as i built the T1 chassis, so its well on its way. Today, i thought i would start on the body, well, why not.
its progressing well, just all the fiddly bits to do.

Adams T1 part 16 the final

Yes, she is finished. Another one to add to the collection.
The Adams T1, an 02 on steroids.
Coal has been added, the windows and frames.
The front windows and frames.
A crew.
one of each side.
Am i pleased? You bet.

A short video for you to watch. I found this in the week. Enjoy.
And this one. Remember Pine Road.