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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Bachmann Class 08 shunter

The Bachmann class 08 shunter....
.....seems to have a known problem of failing pick-ups. 
I thought i had escaped this problem but no,the 08 had decided to fail on me.
What concerned me though was the fact that it just died, give it a poke, it would move an inch and then nothing.
Bearing in mind that she is one of the original offerings from Olivia Trains, sound fitted, with lights all singing all dancing affairs, please don't tell me the chip has failed.
After some testing and head scratching the Chip is fine Phewww! and it turns out the problem is, with the pick-ups, I had inherited the Virus.
I read up on various methods of solving this 'Virus'
Glueing two strips of PCB along the under side of the chassis and attaching wiper pick-ups to them seems to be common practice.
I did this,it looks horrible.

Now, me being me and considering, well lets be honest here, whats to fail in a pick-up, its a piece of wire touching a wheel transshipping electric from wheel to chip.
Closer inspection was needed to try to work out what is going on here. Time for a photo.
It would seem that these wheels are rather soft and the pick-up has created quite a groove in them.

Bachmann 08 Shunter
 You would think that this wouldn't make much difference, still metal on metal, Yes? it would seem that this just isn't the case
Cringe Time!
Yes, i took a file to the wheel backs, a very fine file at that, and very gently filed away the groove.
Just undo the Two screws holding the keeper plate in place, very gently prize away the brake gear, its a interference fit at each end and between the axles, and can be removed. You can then lift the wheel sets out with connecting rods still attached.
Be careful when putting the wheel sets back in that you don't bend the pick-ups its a bit fiddly but do-able.
Bachmann 08 shunter
Cringe at me as much as you like but it bloody works. 
She is now picking up on all Six wheels just like she did when she was new.
Bachmann 08 Shunter
 Standing proud with her Sister.
You can see them running on Parkstone Goods, why you may ask? because we will be at Poole Exhibition on the 20th October 2019
This is one i look forward to every year.
Bachmann 08 Shunter
 Slightly off topic but a new addition to Parkstone.
I have fitted her with one of Legomanbiffo sound projects, the one with the wheel slip, oh she sounds gorgeous.
Bachmann Class 37 37 251

Bachmann class 37

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