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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Cambrian kits Dia 1410 SR van

Something else finnished. The Cambrian kits SR, ex LSWR ventilated van to Dia 1410.
ooh need to fit a coupling!

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Alan Gibson Adams G6 kit part 11 The Final.

This is the last post on the making of this engine. Part 11, if you ever see a kit for sale buy it, its a lovely kit to put together. Just under a month it has taken, not that there was any rush, but would be nice to have it at Alexandria Palace at the end of March.
Its surprising how many last minute jobs there are to do. Youv'e painted it, then fit couplings, crew, coal, buffers, wieght, roof and of course body to chassis.
Today, she pulled her first train into Exton Quay.

Chuffed to bits. She is looking all new and shinny, i just have'nt got the heart to weather her yet.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Alan Gibson Adams G6 part 10

The ongoing ritual of the G6.
Its been painted, yeah.
I first did the inside of the cab area, masked it all off and then airbrushed the black. No Olive green on this one so relatively easy. Just the green lining to go. A crew, couplings, coal and a few other bits and she's complete.
I have used satin Black. Some weathering and a matt coat after the tranfers have been applied, all is good.

LSWR dia1410 10t van

I have built a Cambrian models kit of an LSWR 10ton van of SR dia 1410. Why, you may ask, well, just for the hell of it really.
Nice and easy to build.
There were over a thousand of these built in various disguises, so thinking one should really appear in Exton Quay. A couple lasted into BR days. Nothing is easy, some were built on wooden frames some from steel. This is a steel version so will be goods Brown with black sole bar and undergear. With those lovely split spoke wheels. Some were built for the S&D but wthout the end vents. 8 became SR dia 1412.
Built between 1899 and 1912 they did well to last as long.
Just paint to add.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Alan Gibson Adams G6 part 9

We have been busy, what with a repaint of the Hornby Brake van, we have etch primed the Adams G6.
I always use Precsion Paints PQ23 two pack etch primer, amazing stuff, stinks like hell and dont mix it up in a plastic cup. Hopefully put the Black on tomorrow.

Hornby R6913A SR ex LSWR 24t brake van

A repaint and renumber of the Hornby brake van.
i used the Railmatch goods brown mixed with a small amount of turps and brush painted to look a bit more like it should. Its debaitable from various sources as to the actuall brown used but am going with HMRS colours.
This to me looks a lot better. Renumbered as 55014, i have a photo of it at Lyme Regis in 1932.
I have also painted the wheels (need to get different ones as im sure they were not fitted with 3 hole discs) and the running boards. A small amount of weathering, jobs a gooden.
Its a lovely model, well detailed and stands up well to the real thing.
Another brake van for Exton Quay.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Alan Gibson Adams G6 part 8

How long does it take to build a kit ?  8 parts so far or nearly as many Star Wars films, or since the 25th January.
This is the 9th loco kit i have built and still learning. No one ever said it was easy.
She is all ready for painting.
As you may be aware, brass can sometimes cause problems of getting paint to stick to it. My usual regime of cleaning a loco is a good scrub in 'Fairy Liquid', lots of other modellers will say this is bad as it contains Lanolin, its not listed in the ingredients on the label. It is then rinsed well, i mean lots of water, do this in a bowl so you can catch any bits that may fall off. Then a scrub with 'Flash All Purpose Cleaner' ( not the one with 'Pledge' in it) this should neutralise any flux that you have used. After another good rinse, a quick wipe over with an old paint brush dipped in isopol alcohol, yes, guess what, another good rinse and leave to dry.
Sounds all a bit of a faff but it works for me. 
Part 9 of this sorrid tale my go live on Friday when it gets a primer coat.