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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

New Road, a short running session,

A short running session. There is to much going on for one operator.
For a small layout it deffinatly has operational interest.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

A Station Building for New Road.

I have started on the Station Building for New Road.
I wanted to do something different so have for an Art Deco style.
The whole layout is looking bland and very white at the moment. Lots still to do on the building. All a bit fiddly.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Bachmann Class 08 shunter.

The Bachmann Class 08 pick-up issue.
I think we are all fairly aware of this, both of my Bachmann Class 08s have had problems over time.

The pick-ups seem to create grooves in the backs of the wheel flanges and thus they refuse to pick up sparky stuff from the track.
I have a solution.
Cut them off.
I have replaced them with 0.33 nickel silver wire touching on the actual wheel treads. It's invisible as well.
A simple fix.
While I was at it, I always find that the keeper plate is to tight on the axles so I filed a small half moon shape out of it. You will see where the axle have been rubbing..
There you have it.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

New Road, it's had an on going problem!

Always look for the obvious.
I've had an on going problem with the station throat trackwork.
It all looks good, everything runs through it quite happily without derailing or stuttering. That is, except for my Bachmann 2HAP set. It shorted out on one of the diamond crossing frogs everytime it went through it in either direction. Scratching ones head, I just couldn't work it out.
As you may know, the layout is DCC and most of the stock is sound fitted, so everything would come to a grinding halt and silence would prevail.
DCC is not to everyone's taste, some might say, it's more complicated, there is, i would agree a lot more to go wrong, or is there?????
While on the phone to a good friend of mine last night, we were trying to work out why this was happening, the only piece of stock fitted with a 'stay alive'  this lead me to the thinking process that this had something to do with it. likely you would think, especially after trying my Hornby Sentinel, also fitted with a 'stay alive' thingy.
It stopped dead in exactly the same place.
That's weird, again, has to be something to do with the 'stay Alive' thingy.
Bearing in mind that these Two frogs are controlled by Two frog juicer, or juicy frogs as they have become known in our little circle of friends. Another piece of electronic trickery known to DCC layouts. Frog Juicers, Stay alive's, so my mind wonders off on allsorts of scenario's thinking, "this DCC stuff is ok until it goes wrong" what the he'll do I do? Frog Juicers and stay alives dont mix. Again my mind wondering off to all sorts of dodgy stuff that might be happening. 
Bearing in mind that all this is happening while on the phone to a friend.
Now, I do like DCC, yes it is only Two wires but Two wires to each section of track taken from your 'Bus Wire' it is not complicated. None of those wires back to a control panel for all those section switches taken through a few multi pin plugs and sockets.

Running the Sentinel back and fourth through the crossing, thinking, this isnt doing my NCE power cab much good, keep shorting things out. I even turned the light off to see for any 'sparks" but of course, DCC is to quick for that.

If your still with me on this, and havn't wondered off for more Turkey, i am getting to the point of all this. You never know it might help you one day.

I was running the little old Sentinel up and down the layout as it hadn't been run for a while. It jumped over a check rail on one of the points. Using my vast years of experience and knowledge ???? and knowing that everything thing else ran through this with no problem and I built the track " that will be the back to backs then"
14.07, really, should be 14.4 at least.
They were duly adjusted. Testing it over the check rail, absolutely fine. It then sailed off through the diamond crossing, absolutely fine and in both directions, back and fourth she went, not a short to be seen anymore.

I should know better. 
So before you blame all the gubbins that you might have flashing away under your layout or in your loco's.
One of the axles on my 2HAP set was set at 14.28mm, it was just enough for the back of the flange to touch another rail and thus deposited everyting into scilence.
So, thank you "friend" I may not have ran the Sentinel and found the problem had I have not been chatting to you at the time.
My faith in DCC has been restored. Never again shall I blame DCC.
It's a dam good system, it works.
It's the future.
If your just starting out in this wonderful hobby, then DCC is they way to go.
Some say it's exspensive, yes it can be but be more choosey in what you buy.
Would you preferre 10 locos that just trundle up and down or 3 that make all the noises under the sun.
I know which I preferre.

Monday, 28 December 2020

New Road. Time for an update.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year and hope you had a fabulous Christmas.
Not having posted much recently, I thought it time for an update.
So, what have we been doing.
The backscene has been painted a dirty grey colour to represent a damp, rainy day. I have tried my hand at painting some silloeutes to represent some sort of distant city but painted it out again ready for attempt No2. I think this is going to become an on going practice.
We have also installed the island platform. Taking time laying the track straight, true and parallel with each other made this a lot easier to install.
The arches have also been permanately affixed in place.
Remember this photo.
Your going to see this photograph repeated many times on this blog.
Now your getting the idea of what I am trying to achieve, bearing in mind that the layout is only 9 feet long including fiddle yard.
There has also been a new addition added to the family, we have ourselves a Lima class 31. This is to become a future project, adding details and that 'can't line needs to be removed. Re-wheeled at some point, buffers, buffer beam detail, lights, who knows how far we shall go. I flatly refuse to 170 quid for a new one from Hornby, it's old tooling which makes me think it has paied for it's self many times over.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Bachmann MLV 31-267Z

A Christmas present to myself.
I think this concludes the passenger services needed for New Road.
Bachmann MLV (Motor Luggage Van) 31-267Z.  Class 419 in BR Blue.

This was a limited run comisioned by Invicta Model Rail LTD of 512 units, i have No, 138 according to the certificate inside the box. 

Bachmann have pretty much got the SR EMU fleet sown up. A 4 REP would be nice.

Some might say, how you can get exited over a square blue box but these went through a fair few changes in there lives. Originally built for extra luggage capacity on the Kent boat trains, they found other uses for them when these demise including the use of the by the Royal Mail.
Withdrawals didn't happen until the mid 1990s.
The model is superbly detailed in every way.
I'm a happy bunny.