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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Monday, 5 April 2021

The Class 74 continues.

I thought I should post something as I have been trying to do regular posts on a Sunday night.
Can you guess why we are late this week ?
The Silver Fox Models Class 74 is turning into one of those long winded affairs, remember the Class 31, it went on for a few weeks didn't it.
I actually rather enjoy doing up old models and kits, trying to detail them and bring them up to today's standards.
I'm still waiting for a roof fan and grill, it's on its way.
Couldn't wait any longer, she has been painted
Buffer beam and jumper cables courtesy of Dapol, parts are avalable for there Class 73.
The front handrail is considerably thicker than the door handrails so .60 nickel silver wire for the front and .45 wire for the doors. I know the buffer beam looks Crooked it's not permanately fixed yet.

So then, has she got a running number yet ?
It just has to be 74 001 well I have a rather stunning photo of her in Poole yard.
There is a lot of waiting on parts for this one. EH shed codes transfers are on there way and some blinds/numbers for the SR headcodes. I am sure I had some.
We have also filed out the windows, only another 11 to do for the sides.
I have also gotten hold of a pair of these, it's going to have lights fitted as well.
From Bachmann very handy they are to.
One other small thing. I should really source a chassis for it. Oh yes, that's on its way as well.
I am keeping receipts for this one as I just keep hearing people complaining about how much RTR models are these days. It's not really in till you do this sort of thing, you realise how much goes into a model.
I shall write a list of all that it's costs and let's see.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

New Road. An update and something else new.

Another week has gone racing by. I have to be honest, I got slightly waylayed this week.
A friend of mine got talking about Class 74s, in reflection this has caused me to turn my attentions to something else. Not a great deal has been done to New Road, in fact this is the total of a week's worth of modelling on the layout.
No, it's not for a wind generator ( Not sure why they call them that, they don't actually generate wind, do they.) It's for a possible Art-deco awning for the platform.
What has he done this week? Going back to Class 74s ( did I say in a previous post about being given a rather nice photo of one in Poole yard?)
I bought one didn't I. One of those offerings from Silver Fox Models no less.
It arrived and bearing in mind it's rather an old model now, and the upgrade I did with Lima's old Class 31 well, It couldn't be that difficult could it.
I have set about improving it somewhat. 
This is as it comes out of the box.....
.......the other side
Handrails, grills, roof vents, jumper cables, air horns, buffers, draw hooks are all cast as a big lump.
Of course, me being me, what did I do? I stripped it. I had a lot less body than I started with, gone were all the moulded detailing bits. I even cut out all the grills on the sides and roof.

Sorry, forgot to take a photo.

So, there was no going back now. In fact, my Class 74 is looking, well I think rather good.
I can't recommend Colin J. Marsdens' book enough, The Electro-diesels classes 73 and 74. It has a wealth of photos and details on both classes.
The one thing missing on the model is it's 'nose' as can be seen from the patch of filler I have tried to replicate it. Not sure that it shows up in the photos to well.
 Replacing the mesh grills with something better was another priority.
Where to find mesh so fine?
Hannant's came up trumps with there variety of etch meshes (you have to give it to these model tank builders) S-09 etch seem to look right.
Some wonderful turned brass air horns from Markitts.
You may also have noticed that I have removed the buffer beams, these will be replaced with some from DCC Supplies ie; ones for a Class 73, for the life of me I couldn't find buffers, they are huge.
Some of the parts still to use
Replacement wheels from Alan Gibson, jumper cables, even managed to get hold of a cab interior.
It's going to keep me busy for a while yet and we don't even possess a chassis for it.
Annoying really as A1 models are out of stock on etched roof grill and fan sets well, the one I need anyway, otherwise she would have been in primer by now grrrrr.
That's it for this week, hopefully a roof grill will turn up and we can send her for paint.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

New Road. Another update and something new.

Another one of those updates when you feel you haven't really done a great deal but actually, things have progressed quite a bit.

Firstly, the 'new thing' well it's something that we all need and deffinatly gets well used so, I treated myself to a new one.
We have a blue one this time, a nice new cutting Matt supplied by Hannants.
Something else supplied by them was these.
Why has he bought those I hear you cry, you will have to wait till next week's post and all will be revealed.

Let's get back to New Road.
I have been concentrating on the Station Building, it has been sitting around for far to long.
It now possesses front doors, front steps and an approach road leading to it.
Kerbs, storm drains and main hole covers have been added. The latter was obtained from Langley Models as an etch, I have had these for some time even back to Pine Road days.
Next was the platforms, again, these have been plain white for far to long.
Thinking I have described these in a previous post, they are from peco topped with  https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx317-oo-network-rail-platform-coping-1008mm---oo4mm176-9144-p.asp
Is it just me but I had a real problem getting paint to take to these. A spray of Halfords Etch primer did the trick.
The edging is painted with Humbrol No 28 Matt and weathered using Humbrol No113 and weathering powders.
Next of course, is the tops. Made from card but kept a few millimetre below the surface, topped off with fine tile grout from Wickes.
Painted over with a mix of grey and white acrylic paint with some 'Black sand' sprinkled in. This was aquired from Geek Gaming
It's slightly courser than talc.
You just have to add a manhole cover. If one looks closely I have added cracks in the tarmac just by using a fine Black Sharpie pen.
That's it for this week.
Thanks for viewing and don't forget to comment.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

New Road, a bit more done and a new edition to the fleet.

It's been a strange old week.
Covid jab sorted. I also had a phone call at the beginning of the week, could I attend New Milton railway exhibition ? That, I wasn't expecting but it looks like we may be attending with Parkstone Goods at the end of July.
New Road has progressed slightly. We have fitted fishplates to the lower section, a job I so love, the result is definitely worth while tho.
The trackwork has been painted and the railsides have been rusted up.
The station building for New Road has progressed. I'm not sure about this.
On a different subject.
Going back to my exploits in pre-grouping stock, I was given this by a good friend of mine.
Could it be used for my LSWR H13 railmotor kit ? The wheelbase needs shortening by 3mm, looking at it I think it maybe just possible.
Another friend of mine (Yes, one does have more than one) has put a big spanner in the works. He sent me a photo of a Class 74 sitting in Poole yard during 1976. Feeling that i now have an excuse to run one on Parkstone Goods, i was looking around for one. Silverfox have just re-released there's.
In the process of thinking about it. 
In the mean time and me being a sucker for anything Southern, I found this on good old eBay.
Ordered on Friday, I couldn't believe it when it turned up on Saturday morning. I realise that Hornby do one as well but I couldn't resist. You also have to remember and I think I am right in saying this. It's the first Crowed funded model ever produced in the UK. Only 200 were produced.
Without turning to the Google's have you guessed what it is yet ? I have been 100% Garunteed that it has never been run or even been out of its box. The problem with this is tho, I am now very reluctant to take it out of its box, let alone weather it and put a coupling bar on it.
Should I put you out of your misery now and tell you what it is.
It's like one of this Cliffhinger films isn't it, will she, won't she, he didn't, he bloody did you know.
No that's not possible, that would happen, but it did.
I have also just been informed that Bournemouth West has just won BRM 2020 best layout Compitition. 
Congrats guys.
Ok,ok will tell you what it is.
Self explanatory really, it's DJ Models Class 71.
And look all I did was lift the lid.
It says "please STOP!" so I did.
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Sunday, 7 March 2021

What have we done this week

What have we been up to? Not a lot really, just remedial stuff.
I have cleaned up the modelling room from what it was before. I like to have a clean up between projects otherwise it just becomes a mess.
Next project should be the station building for New Road.
Or it could be to fit these, I have already done the upper level.
Ones fitted on the upper level.
I am still debating whether there should be a catch point here.
We could build some wagon kits.
A pair of gates to be fitted here.
Also, still need to fit the control panel in properly.
Plenty to be getting on with.
But first, one if these I think.
I must thank the 40 odd thousand people that have viewed my blog, I must be doing something right.
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Oh yes, one more thing, I bought my little girl a present.
I think she quite likes her 'intercity 125' scarf.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Lima Class 31, 2021 upgrade. The final.

My Lima Class 31, No 31420.
It would probably be easier to say what hasn't been done to this.
Strip down and complete repaint.
Handrails and washers added to cab fronts.
Handrails to roof panels.
Lazer Glaze, 
lights front and rear, 
a cablight to one end, I don't like to see both cab lights on at the same time.
Buffer beam detail. 
Replace couplings. 
New transfers, 
Add body side mouldings. Cab interior details built from scratch. 
Windscreen wipers, 
new sprung buffers. 
Screw couplings.
Add pick-ups to rear bogie.
Yeah, I think that will do for the moment. Not forgetting of course, a zimo sound chip from Youchoos.
Let's get to it. Here she is. Probably the best 31 in the world.
Cab lights, tail lights.
A night shot.
This has been an interesting project, what was supposed to be a quick project over a couple of weekends, this turned into five.
I am very pleased, if you asked me whether it was worth it, I would say yes deffinatly.
Including loco and sound chip it has cost just shy of 200 quid, what's the present Hornby offering. I think around 170.
All we are waiting for are the ultrascale wheels.
You want a video don't you, ok, go on then. Bare in mind it's a bit dodgy on my trackwork with those huge big wheels.