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When i left school back then i was lucky enough to enroll on an engineering apprenticeship. I think this lead me in good stead. I was always one of those children that pulled things apart but actually put them back together again. My first engine given to me at the age of Seven, a Triang Princess Elizabeth. The rest as they say is History. Later in life i got back in to Model Railways and started building Pine Road. This could lead anywhere so i hope you enjoy my Blog.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

The new layout, first test.

With track laid and wired up.
Is it time for a test to what works and what doesn't.
Oh well, plugging it in we had an amidiate short circuit, well, did I expect it to work straight from the box. I thought I had taken enough care but there is always the unexpected.
Two shorts reared its ugly head, one, I hadn't cut one of the switch blades right through at the frog end. The other, I had soldered a check rail across a joint....
....both easily sorted after a bit of head scratching to find them.
Time for the very first test bearing in mind that the frog polarities have yet to be fitted and the 'Diamond' yet to be wired.
Well it's looking good. I chose my Class 33/1. One check rail was a bit tight but other than that it works fine.

Friday, 23 October 2020

The new layout, wiring

Yes, I have started wiring. It's DCC so only Two wires.....
....not quite, I can see at least 19. Thats without the frog polarity wires. Technically I suppose it is Two wires. I always work on the principle of Black to back.
All soldered up and ready to be clipped to the 'Bus' undernieth.
I use these for clipping to the 'Bus wire.
Not one to be lead under a layout using a soldering iron above ones head. Parkstone Goods has worked perfectly for years using these.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The new layout

It's going to be a long slow process with this one.
The track on the upper level is laid and stuck down using Copydex. 
coming with a better idea of switching the double slip, this is the result.
The Two halves pivot independently.
We have also started on the control panel. A kit one from Model Railway Solutions.
I cut the top out to make a frame, a piece of perspex will be installed for all the switches etc.
We have started to collect a few things.
Yes, it's going to have Third Rail!
One has to grab stuff these days when you see it as some things are becoming hard to find.
As a slight deviation, a friend of mine asked if I could build a couple of points for his layout, these were duly built to 3mm scale 12mm gauge track.
One right hand and a 'Y' for his Ealing North layout. No drawings, gauges or plans were used, so if they work I will be amazed.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

The new layout

If you didn't notice in the last post, the track was played but the point work wasn't stuck down, I have been trying out a new way of making stretcher bars.
This looks like it might work. I'm not convinced about the strip of plastistruck holding things together, this isn't strictly true as the Two pins that go down through the baseboard are attached to a stretcher bar underneath, I'm sure whether to solder these.
All of my previous layouts have had up to 6 or 7 points, not to bad, this one has 12. Lots of pennies for point motors, been thinking about this and have gone down the servo route and all will be controlled by a Megapoints controller. A first for me. So we have made a servo mount.
looking good, only 11 more to make.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Another one of those updates!

I have been informed that it has been a while since I posted something. It would seem that the last post was on the 17 September last month.
What's he been up to you may ask?
Well, I have said before that one is probably lost himself in some project somewhere or other. This occasion is no different.
I was building some Parkside wagon kits, I finished one of them.
Four more to go.
These have been put to one side as last weekend 26 September 2020 I picked up these.
A rather large display unit or is it to be a piano, no, it's a new layout project. No name as yet but talking to a friend of mine it will resemble something from South London, 1970s. The idea of an island platform terminus on the upper level and goods on the lower. It was only suppose to be 7ft long but has already been extended by another 3 and half feet, making it 10 feet in length.
How far have we got?
track building has commenced. No computers stuff was used in planning of this track work.
I'm thinking along the lines (sorry for the pun) of bi-directional running, a train can enter and depart from either platform from either track.
In case you hadn't noticed, I actually enjoy building track.
This looks rather impressive, if I say so myself. I'm not normally one for loads of straight track but am impressed with this, yes and it is straight, not really that difficult to produce. So many layouts out there with wiggly track.
That's really it for the moment but am in the process of investigating using servos and control systems to operate this lot.
I think there might be something interesting to present to you over the weekend, that's of course if it arrives in time.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Bachmann Class 25

While searching around in the loft, i came across a Bachmann Class 25 that i had completly forgot that i owned.
She was bought some years ago, placing her on the track she ran really well.
I feel a new project coming on. No 25 173 fits into my era, domino headcode, blue with Yellow ends and it looks as if at some point i weathered her, not remembering Bachmann ever selling them in this condition.
In fact, i think she has been renumbered at some point as i cant find 25 173 ever being sold by Bachmann.
According to my 1978 spotters book, 25 173 was shedded at Cricklewood.

Taking the body off to see what we have.
An 8 pin blanking plug, the remains of a sticky pad, had it been fitted with sound at some point and this was to hold the speaker in place ?Also 2 wires on the left hand end of the PCB that have been cut. Looking inside the body its fitted with lights.
 And yes they do work. Perhaps a nice Sulzer sound chip and connecting the wires up to Function 2 could result in a nice sounding class 25 with lights. (Will i need to add resistors?)
No 25 173 is already fitted with a driver and his mate. Pick out some of the detail in the cab, add some pipe work and screw couplings to the buffer beam could, present ourselves with a very nice model of 25 173.

As regards to accuracy, im no rivet counter regarding Class 25s but looking at photographs No 25 173 looks right.
Am i right in thinking that the gap under the running gear was for a train heating boiler ?
Yes, deffinatly becoming a project. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Rails of Sheffield's new Terrier A1/A1X

 Rails of Sheffield's new Terrier.

Was it worth the wait ?

I'll say, yeah.

It arrived yesterday (Monday) No 2644 Southern Railway in Dark Olive Green.

What do i think ?

Rails of Sheffield in Dark Olive Green

 Its a stunning model, loads of detail. I don't have  the Hornby version so this is not a comparison. Is it worth the extra 25 ish quid ? well, yes. It runs beautifully after a spot of running in. The firebox flickr, well i like it, this will eventually be sound fitted so that can be made to only operates when you open the firebox door to shovel coal in 

Terrier from Rails of Sheffield

Shall we put something else to bed while we are at it.
It measures up nicely.

The cab detail is all there, all the pipe work, yes its all there. The westinghouse pump is beautifully represented. Wondering if you could by these as spares for other models.

It weighs in at 101 grams but don't let that put you off as its more than capable of pulling a decent length of train.

Two Kitbuilt Roxey Mouldings Carriages, Drovers Brake van, Etch kit with 10g of added lead, Gas tank wagon (white metal kit) Machine truck also a white metal kit, Oil tank wagon yes, a white metal kit and Two bogie bolster wagons which are also of white metal, it didn't even hesitate. I have not got a layout at the moment to fully test this but you get the idea.


  Ran out of track unfortunately.

Here's another video for you, yes you get two this time.

Well that's it, i'm a very happy bunny.

Talking of Bunnies.