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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Sunday, 17 June 2018


As this seems to be the general rule theses days of having a theme on your blog, linked to a particular day of the week, i thought i would join in on the act.
Back in the day, sort of late seventies early eighties, these were my trainspotting days. I took photos, don't you know.
Bare in mind that i was no Photographer back then and some of the picture were taken on an old Kodak instamatic camera (remember them) 
This is the plan.
I reckon i have something close to 200 photos here all taken in the Corporate blue period from all over the country. The idea is to post One, maybe Two photos depending on what mood i am in, every Sunday from now on.
There is allsorts, some with trains, some just looking down the line, some out of focus, some to dark, some to light, some you may ask yourself, 'what the hell' Some i don't know exact dates, some i don't know numbers but they are all going to get posted.
   You are welcome to use the photos but it would be nice if you would copy the link or give some credit to the guy that took em. ie ME Colin Lockyer and/or THIS BLOG.
I will probably post this note on each Sunday as these photos have never been seen before, you know, a bit of credit Please!

As this is the first one, you get Two, you lucky people.
Gives you an idea of the sort of thing you are going to get.  

See you next Sunday, if nothing else appears during the week.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Exton Quays, A small warehouse

As with all railways, Exton Quays really needs an excuse to exist.
If anyone knows the area, a Fertiliser plant you to exist near Topsham and went by the name of Odam's. They use to process guana that was shipped in from South America.
I set about building a warehouse. After viewing various photos, it became apparent that not a lot was going to fit, especially on a layout of this size and its location. Looking to become one of those 'Suck it and See' situations. No forward planning in this department.
I picked up an issue of Railway Modeller June 2018 and in there is an absolutely stunning layout built by Bob Aldermen, St Martins Wharf. On page 441 is a stunning warehouse that the gentleman has built, it got me thinking.

Odam's fertiliser factory
 Thought i would do something slightly different and change the colour of the brickwork, the idea being to Railway built structures from other buildings on the layout.
Odams Fertiliser factory
 The chimney has come from.

I think the fact that the brickwork is different actually works well.
Still some way to go.
Odams Fertiliser factory

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Heljan Class 07

Yes, its here.
I have been waiting for some time for this.
Parkstone needs one as they ran from Bournemouth to Poole and the Hamworthy branch on a regular basis.
Heljan's Class 07, 07 005 one of the 'Pushpull' fitted ones used mainly for shunting carriage stock from Southampton Docks.
Weather its right or not, i haven't checked yet but you have to give it to Heljan, it certainly looks the part. I have never heard of a bad running Heljan product and this is no exception, running is superb straight from the box.    
Heljan Class 07 07 005

Heljan Class 07 07 005

Heljan Class 07 07 005

Heljan Class 07 07 005

Heljan Class 07 07 005

Heljan Class 07 07 005
 What more can you say.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Heljan Class 05 Blue with Wasp Stripes.

You don't hear from me for ages and then you get to posts in one day.
Look what fell through the door today, could Hattons find a bigger box to put it in.
It's Heljan's Class 05 or to put it another way A Hunslet Diesel Shunter.
Now, before i show you a pic there is something rather interesting on the first line of the instruction sheet.

Thats a heck of a lot of retooling. 
I know nothing about these apart from, i believe they were used more on the LNER side of the country but for the price i couldn't say no. You know what they say, "When there Gone There Gone"

So, to Pics, cause thats what we want to see, in it.
Heljan Class 05 Shunter
 I have never bought a bad running Heljan product and without doubt, this lives up to the same reputation straight out of the box.
Heljan class 05 shunter
 Detail is superb
Heljan Class 05 Shunter

AGM 3mm Society 2018

Its been one of those weeks where you have been rushing around but feel that nothing is getting done.
Work has been nuts all week, where does it all keep coming from.
Enough moaning, i might get a reputation for it.

Last weekend, saw a trip to Swindon for the AGM with the 3mm Society. Its that scale somewhere between 'N' and '00' A scale that i love but oh so complicated to obtain anything. Don't get me wrong, there are loads of stuff available but working out who does what, and where to get sutch item, can turn into needing a Bachelor's degree in research.
Perhaps there is a Haynes Manual on the subject!

I didn't take my camera DoH!

I decided to enter my LSWR carriages in the competition,
Passenger carrying, non motorised vehicles have to be entered in to the "CUCKMERE TROPHY" (you can only enter up to 3 vehicles, its a Four car set) Not to be deterred, one enters.

The "Cuckmere Trophy"
  Yeah, Look at me, i won
I really ought to build a 3mm layout, don't panic Mr Mannering, there is something in the pipeline. This pipeline might be as long as the one in Aussie but, i promise you, i do have an idea. 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Rotorail, Parkstone Goods and some Cromptons

We went to Rotorail yesterday with Parkstone Goods.
A good day was had by all.
A good show was put on, well organised, very friendly and helpful guys.
I have to say that the layout don't aff look good fitted with its lighting rig.
A comment was made that the Double arrows on the Parkstone sign should have been Red, to match the two on the information panel.
Well, you do your best don't you. In my defence i was trying replicate the Platform signs that are usually attached to lamp posts, so technically the 'Double arrows' shouldn't be there anyway.
But,,, you know, you just can't win can you. 
Parkstone Goods

Parkstone Goods
 Every layout should have something that tells the viewer, what it is, where it is, the idea and if possible in this case, before during and after photos.
Parkstone Goods Information Board
 Also, i picked up a Crompton, actually a "slim jim" Why do i need a "slim jim" well i don't but for 43 quid i couldn't say no. It just meant that one would have the full set 33/0, 33/1, 33/2. Did one ever run down to Poole, that i can't say, other than them running to Eastleigh for maintenance.

Heljan Class 33 Number 33206 "Slim Jim"
Heljan Class 33 33 206
 A treo of Heljan 33s
Number 33059 on the left.
Number 33117 in the middle
Number 33206 on the right
A treo of Cromptons
  It would appear that Exton Quays has become a bit of a Photographic Arena.
Will Exton Quays have a DCC option ????????