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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Exton Quay's wired

I think you realise, that it really is, all worth while,

You have built the baseboard (with the help of a friend)

You have built the track and laid it.

You have held off trying anything until the whole layout is wired.

You have fitted all point motors so the frogs can be switched.

You have wired the control panel.

You have spent hours channeling wires in nice neat lines.

You have coloured coded them so you know what does what.

That day when you attach the last wire.

You turn the knob and blow me down it works.

Well, it wasn't quite like that, a couple of points threw the wrong way, Two check rails needed a slight tweak and while turning the knob the loco travelled the wrong way. Just a case of swapping Two wires over.
All in all, not bad really for a new layout.
It works.
Loco's trundle backwards and forwards, points change. Even got the frog polarity the right way round. 
There are Two catch points on the layout, and they work, i even wired them so the catch point throws before the main relating point.
Is this prototypical
Impressed Doh!
Here's some pic's,
 but hold on, how many people actually take photo's of the underside of their layout.
When did you last see the underside of someone else's layout?
Enough arsing about, 
Here's my underside.

 Looking at the picture above, notice the number One mistake that you are told to look out for in the planning stage.
Cross member in the way of point motor. We shall overcome thee and make up a handy little linkage. Did you not learn anything at Model Railway Collage.
Please refrain from planning layouts on backs of fag packets.

Making contact.
 The plug on the left is for the points and the one on the right is track power. Notice they are different sizes so no issue of plugging wrong transformer into the wrong socket. 

Easy access, i could have hid the wiring behind the control panel, it would have been a bit tight but then the layout is operated from the front so the fiddle yard will be on show so why not some nice tidy wiring

Well, i think we are beginning to have something that looks like a layout.
A couple of pic;s so you get the idea.

My favourite wagon, the Drovers Brake Van

That's the South Eastern Finecasts 02 kit,
It runs like a well oiled machine.
    A long way to go yet but it's idea's in my head and all is beginning to make some sense now. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Taff Vale models

Talking to Julian and Susan 
what a friendly couple, at Railwells last weekend. They are Taff Vale models. Something caught my eye, some very small motor and gearboxes.
The motor/gearbox and shaft have a total length of 35mm. The motor and gearbox are 10mm x 12mm square, shaft length is 10mm with a 3mm diameter shaft. The gearbox is 150:1 so is extremely slow but linked to a suitable worm drive and gear wheel could be made to run faster or even slower.
I thought they might be ideal for operating doors, gates etc or probably ideal for a turntable.
I have know relation to them but thought were really good so check them out.
Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

Taff Vale models

I was intrigued and at £6.00 bought a couple for a future project

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Play it again, Sam

A trip to the Cinema.
The Regal Cinema in Fordingbridge originally opened in 1933, slap bang in the middle of Southern Railway days.
Days when everything seemed easier, everyone was happier, worked hard but stress free.
When Mice use to squeak and not click.
It closed in 1965, along with most other things it would seem.

Have a look at the website for dates and the films showing.

I felt honoured to be invited to the Cinema.
What i saw was a work of art.
The Cinema has been tastefully updated art deco style with pictures and advertising boards from the period. 

The Regal Cinema Fordingbridge
 The main facade looks splendid from the road with the Regal Cinema sign taking pride and place on the building.

Up to the bar

Monday, 14 August 2017

Railwells 2017

It turned into a busy weekend, what with a trip to Railwells and a trip to the cinema, Will come to the cinema bit later. 
Railwells is always well worth attending They always put on a really good show.
First port of call tho was Breakfast from the market stall. This consisted of Two of the biggest sausages you have ever seen in a roll. suitably refreshed,
on to the exhibition.
I'm not going to mention all the layouts, they are all very good.
This layout caught my eye, same era as Parkstone.
Hebble vale
Where have i seen these coal drops before??????
Coal drops

As Pine Road was based on Lyme Regis, Seaton was another layout that caught my eye. Well it would wouldn't it.
Serious shortage of Adams Radials tho, but the Beattie well tank in Lswr Pea green and the 02, truly stunning.

 Sidmouth was there but struggled to get near it and Trerice by Iain rice again surrounded by people, still no definition on "Finescale" 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Always a problem area.

The old method that i have used before is with a sleeper and solder the Two switch blade to it, doesn't really look that great to me

After picking at other people's ideas, I thought i would have a play and see what sort of balls up i could make of it.
I haven't actually soldered this to some switch blades yet, to try it out but the whole ensemble relies on a very small piece of double sided PCB. Should this delaminate we have a major problem on our hands. It could seriously go "Pete Tong"

The Point blades are soldered on to the outer Two pieces with enough left over to sit under the stock rails to stop the blades lifting.
Exton Quay's Tie-bar
 The centre stretcher bar is attached over the Two pins after this so should the PCB delaminate it's not to much of an issue to replace.
Just make up a couple of spare ones.
Everything is 'above baseboard' so easily accessible. 
Exton Quay's Tie-bar assembled
 After it's painted i think it would look a lot better than a sleeper sliding backwards and forwards.
As i am using Cobalt point motors there shouldn't be any great stresses on the Tie-bar.
The wire from the motor could either go up through the hole on one of the outer pieces or through, and replace one of the pins for the stretcher bar
The idea also gives some movement to the switch blades as if one thinks about it, they do actually switch across in a small arch. 
Exton Quay's Tie-bar
Any ideas/comments on this approach would be greatly recieved.  

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Exton Quay's Quay side cottage

Just a quick post today.
The cottage is nearly finished.
Exton Quay's cottage

Exton Quay's
 Can't show the other side, ran out of Corrugated sheets so still needs doing.
First job tomorrow, ring South eastern Finecast for more corrugated sheet.
Exton Quay's cottage

Friday, 4 August 2017

Exton Quay's Backscene

we have a backscene, well, something to put a backscene on anyway.
"Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me"
Amazing what you can do with a heat gun and some foam board 
Exton Quay's
 Of course, one needs to cut a hole
Exton Quay's
 It comes in 2.4 metre sheets, bugger, its an inch and a bit short.
We shall overcome thee.
A low relief warehouse and a big tall chimney perhaps!
Exton Quay's