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Monday, 26 February 2018

Parkstone Goods and a trip to EUROTRACKS

I was invited to take 'Parkstone Goods' to

It was a good chance to actually take some good pics of Parkstone Goods, something that i keep meaning to do but never got round to do it.

Class 37 brings in a coal train from South Wales. The coal will be taken down the branch by George Jennings, the coal was used to fire the kilns. 
Class 37 222 pulling out on its way back to Poole
A Class 33 this is number 33 117 one of the pushpull examples.
33 117

09 025 having a break after shunting duties. It was a regular visitor around Poole and Bournemouth, so much so, someone even added a "HW" shed code to the 09 for Hamworthy  
09 025
33 117 has just dropped off a train of empty pipe wagons, it has ran round its train and is awaiting a clear road back to Poole.
The wagons will be taken down the branch to be loaded with pipes made at the South Western Potteries.

Class 33 117

 George Jennings puffing up the branch. Parkstone had a strange track arrangement in the yard, Not available from Peco! 
George Jennings

 A view across the yard with the Purbeck hills in the background.
Mineral wagons are waiting for there turn down the branch.
View across the yard

The Coal office, notice the weight bridge beside the coal office and not in front as is usual practice. 
The coal office
 The Coal staithes, notice they are next to the line as contrary to popular belief, this has often been discussed in "Railway Modeller"
I have proof!
Coal staithes 
 The branch goes off to the right, the line to the left is the line to the coal staithes. Notice the old ash pan, presumably for the use of George Jennings. 
The crossing
 A Black and White version.
George Jennings and the Purbecks 
 I love this photo, so much to look at here. The Purbeck hills in the background with Brownsea Island below. Parkstone Bay can be seen below with a few yacht masts above the hedge row. The typical Southern concrete storage shed to the right, an old ash pan and the Southern hooped gas lamp. The ground signal protects the branch entrance to the yard.
Ignore this signal at your peril. 
George Jennings
 Looking down on the goods shed from the corner of Alton Road and Osborne Road
Corner of Alton road and Osborne road
 The retaining wall, bridge and railings are the only thing that remain. The bridge is made from precast concrete components, although from the Bournemouth side of the bridge the original stone arch single road bridge is still in place. 
End stops
 Your typical white van man waiting for his next job.
Cup of Tea Burt?
Don't mind if i do, Charlie. 
Time for Tea
 "Oh Burt, you going to do anything today or ya just gunna prop ur van up.
In Transit and an old AEC
 Up the 1 in 30 gradient to the yard.
Wagons roll
 This view is almost identical to a photo given to me by Colin Stone, the Author of the book
'Rails to Poole Harbour'
Empty wagons
 Here we are, ready for action.
Me on the right and my good friend and chief operator, Nigel on the Left, he's my right hand man, so, why you on the left then.
He's on your left and my right,
Confused, you are now. 
Me, on the right and Nigel
 Come on George, where are you, we gotta get down the branch, there waiting for coal. Naughty trucks! 
Waiting for a tow down the branch
 Hey, Nigel was on top of the world all weekend.
Set up ready to go 
 There you are George, Trucks are awaiting.
George Jennings on the branch
 A view across the yard looking towards the Bay
The yard

B&W version of George Jennings

Towards the yard entrance

Brownsea island and the Purbeck hills

Quite a spacious yard

Finally, one for you Phil Parker Although technically not a cake, more a pastry but very nice indeed. 
Cake, well Pastry really!
I would like to thank the organisers of the Solent Model Railway Group for inviting me and for putting on a great show.