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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Exton Quays. The Station Building

It is.
It has a station building.
Exton Quays has a station building!
Based on the one at Breamore (but its not Breamore).
Still a bit to do but its there in all its glory.
Exton Quays station building

Exton Quays

Exton Quays

Exton Quays Ariel view

Station Building
 Breamore had an unusual feature. The lever frame was placed on the platform after the signal box was taken out of use, this allowed the station to be operated by one man. (i wonder what the unions had to say about that)
I have never seen this modelled before so i thought it would be a good feature on Exton Quays as the lack space for a Signal box is evident. 
Exton Quays

Ok, i cheated, these are the 'York modelmaking' tiles but repainted and weathered. I have used them before on the Goods shed for 'Parkstone Goods' and found them very good.

The lead guttering where the roof turns a corner is nothing more than grey insulation tape.( apply before tiles)

There is one drawback with embossed 'Plasikard' turning the the corner, try as i might it is really difficult to get the bricks to line up.
The ridge tiles are strips of Evergreen angle strip, filed and painted.
Exton Quays Chimney
 The Awning, not yet completed. We have the green bits to do and add the glazing. 
Exton Quays
 Coming along
Exton Quays
An old photy
Exton Quays
 And a touched in one, ok i was bored!
Exton Quays

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