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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Bachmann special Purchase

The Bachmann 9F
I've been looking out for one of these for sometime now. Not that it fits in with anything on "Pine Road" or "Parkstone" But when Bachmann bought the model out a few years ago i some how missed out on getting my grubby little mitts on one.

Now, when i was little and i mean little, Dad use to carry me down the garden (said when i was little) to watch the Pine Exspress go through, not that i can really remember these family episode but it must have been a sight to see. 
Moving on Fifty or so years..... REALLY!

So, there we are trawling through ebay this week and blow me, there she is No 92233 Pines express. Now, have you had that feeling deep inside when you think OMG i have to have her. Not that i usually get like this but pulling over in to the services as the auction is about to end to see weather she is mine or not is perhaps taking things a bit to far but needs must and all that.

20 seconds..19..18..17....... 5...4..3..2..1" Congratulation you have won this item". Me, walking around Tothill Services with a big smile on my face. (sorry boss, this is the real reason why i was late Thursday night).

Item was duly paid for and a man in a red van delivered her on Saturday morning. Oh what joy. Happy Days!

Isn't she gorgeous. Somewhat out of place on Pine Road but it's my Railway 

Bachmann 9F 92233 at Pine Road

Turns out she originally came from Holt Models and is in as new condition. Suitably factory weathered.

cab and tender

I think perhaps she could do with Donald Beal looking out of the window

Valve gear

and you can't knock this valve gear.

She will live in the glass cabinet with a few other special purchases and allowed to stretch her legs during Happy hour.

Don't forget about the announcement soon to be made unless you are at Weymouth railway exhibition this weekend then you may have already seen it

That's all folk's from a very happy bunny.

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