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Announcement. Chassis Jig

I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Chassis Jig

It would appear that the Chassis jig has gone well. I would like to thank all of you who bought one and hope it gives you many happy hours of fun. Thought i should let you know that there are only Two left.
Let me know if you are interested i may produce a few more.
I have added a Paypal button to my blog so you can buy direct. Please Note! This is for UK orders Only.
Please contact me for orders outside the UK

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The 3mm Society Exhibition Westfest 2017.

Lookout for the flyer

The Dorset 3mm Group



Verwood's first Model Railway exhibition
Verwood Memorial Hall
Saturday 23rd September
The scale for modeller's and kit builders

Open 10am till 4.30pm
Adults £3.50
Children £1.50

Trade Support
And Demonstration

Children under 14 must be accompanied

Parking opposite hall next to Tesco

Ringwood Road Verwood

Dorset BH31 7AA

The 3mm shop will be there for members only but of course you could always join!

Members please bring your membership card 

Below are some of the layouts Confirmed

Description of layout:
The real Lambeth Walk never saw trams but this layout is an evocation of the last days of London’s trams and is located in inner south London within sight and sound of Big Ben. This location explains the lack of overhead electric wires – banned by the inner London Boroughs – and the use of the centre conduit system with electric pick up from a “plough” carried by all trams.
It is still a “work-in-progress” project with much work still to be done.
Modelled to a scale of 3mm to 1 foot the trams themselves are modified from “Days Gone” diecast models to represent standard London Transport cars as running in these last years of the once massive LT system. The BR Southern Region tracks leading to Waterloo Station are represented by the viaduct at the right hand end of the layout and the tracks will have the third rail added in time.
London’s buses and the express Green Line service are represented and other road vehicles can be seen. One major shortage at the moment is the typical London Black Cab but we are working on this – hopefully next time you see us there will be a few.
Please feel free to ask us about the layout and London’s Trams.
Chipping Compton
The terminus of a rural branch line to the imaginary Cotswold
market town of Chipping Compton. The year is 1955 and the line
has seen better days but the station still enjoys a healthy goods
traffic and a local passenger service with there even being a daily
through service to Cheltenham. All the stock on the layout is kitbuilt
together with a few items being made from scratch.
Locomotives are a mixture of etched brass kits and older
whitemetal ones but all are powered by Mashima motors with
gearsets from Branchlines. The buildings seen are all scratchbuilt
and are based on actual structures, some of which survive today.
The station building is from Barber's Bridge on the Gloucester –
Ledbury line whilst the large goods shed is based on one at
Culkerton on the old Tetbury branch. The signal box is modelled
on the one that used to be at Malmesbury.
The track used is a flexitrack
available to members of the 3mm
society whilst the pointwork is made by 3SMR.
I have tried to portray a sleepy branch terminus, something long
gone from today's world.
Younger viewers may like to try and spot some of the local wildlife
or even the station cat.
Please feel free to chat to the operators, either about the layout or
3mm scale in general. There is no such thing as a daft question!

Heybridge Wharf
3mm F/S Gauge 14.2

The layout was built for the 50 something challenge to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 3mm Society 1965 -2015. The scenic part is 50 inches long by 50cm wide and is built to fine scale standards with a track gauge of 14.2mm.

Heybridge Wharf is purely fictitious and is situated somewhere in Suffolk at one of the last inland wharfs still operating. The railway was built under the Light Railways act as the Hey Light Railway to connect the town of Heybridge to the Great Eastern Main Line via 
Heybridge Wharf

The trains from the main line enter Heybridge Wharf via the line between the Church and the gas works. This is the end of the line for the stock not allowed to proceed along the tramway to Heybridge Town. Those that are allowed will run round their train and proceed along the tramway squeezed between the gasworks and Colly Tobbold’s brewery. The wharf still receives one of the last barges still trading but now converted with a diesel engine.

The layout is built of plywood with track by the 3mm society and points from 3SMR. Points are operated by Hoffmann point motors and couplings are adapted B&B. Stock is from Finney and Smith, now no longer trading, Worsley Works and the 3mm Society whilst some of the buildings are scratch built , most are super detailed Bilteezi card kits.

Whatlington 3mm Scale 14.2mm Gauge

Whatlington is the next station down the line from Hoath Hill Halt and the single line section ends here. Trains for the Sub Wealden Gypsum Company works at Hoath
Hill can reverse direction and other trains pass as required. A lone coal merchant occupies part of the back siding in a small goods yard that sees occasional other traffic.

Engineers make frequent use of the empty sidings to store their wagons.

When it suits, modellers rewrite history and / or geography to create plausible settings and this model is no different. Whatlington – with an ‘h’ - does exist, near Battle in East Sussex, but in order to create a station and make it a plausible ‘might have been’ the village has become a small country town and distances to the surrounding villages etc. have been increased by ‘just a few miles’.

3mm is a minority interest but there is a surprising amount of support available to those who choose to work in this scale. The Three Millimetre Society provides a range of products for its members plus there are a number of other small suppliers who offer kits, bits and ‘scratch aids’. It is also possible to make use of items from both 2 and 4mm scales to help complete models.

The 3mm Society shop will be there for members only, also a demonstration for the Chassis Jig from Pine Road Models.

See you there. 

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