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Saturday, 13 May 2017

B4 lining

Goods classes were black with green lining, although Bradley states that after a few months service the line was virtually invisible.
After May 1935 this green line was omitted from the B4s and G6 classes.
As you can imagine, nothing is ever easy in the world of modelling.
The B4 should really have a green line.
I had a go.
Well, its not perfect but at least i had a go.

Adams B4 Lining

Adams B4 Lining

Adams B4
 Over the boiler was a bit of a pain
Adams B4
Generally i am pleased and she is loosening up now and runs really well.

Another Adams
Due to some comments on a previous post will this go down any better, come on, this is good cheeky little tune.
I was 6 in "69" what the hell did i know about anything.

Sing along now, you know you want to! 


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