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Announcement. Chassis Jig

I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Running in board for Exton Quays

It would appear that lately i have spent more time waiting for paint/glue to dry than actually building anything, well, anything worth talking about, here.
I could have gone to Warley but spend far to much time on the M40 as it is anyway, stayed home and did something more constructive.

The second 02 is well on its way to completion, Chassis running, brake gear fitted. Just the body to paint (more waiting) oh and a LSWR carriage to paint. More on this later.
Am i rambling, probably.
Why am i writing today, i hear you all cry.
I found these on Scale Model Scenery Thought they looked good so ordered one (amongst some other bits).
And yes, they are good, a bit fiddly to paint and put together but, yes, there good.  

Put together and painted. Read the instruction, bugger me, i actually did. They are somewhat fragile.

There we are, a couple of hours mostly waiting for Paint/glue to dry but am very pleased with the result. 

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