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Monday, 18 April 2016

Adams B4

I started the Adams B4 last night, a kit from Southeastern Finecast. It looks a good kit, both types of cab have been provided for. I was going to use the open cab ends and try and plate them in as they did after their stint at Southampton Docks. weather this is going to look right on the model remains to be seen. The wheels arrived this morning so all systems go. She will be 30093 as she was shedded at Bournemouth and there are loads of photo's of her in "Rails to Poole Harbour" by Colin Stone, Published by Oakwood Press.

 A bit more has been done on the B4 but am not really happy about the casting for the cross head. Think i might get some brass "U" section and make up one, complete with some brass rod for the piston. Looking at it i don't think it will be to difficult to do. The inner part of the cylinder was a casting as well but i have changed that for some brass tube.

So, i made this, lots of filling and some careful soldering. I think it's got to be a lot better and more reliable. Just the other side to do now,  here comes round two.

Yaeh, round two done. Cylinder block finished, new cross heads and piston rods made, have also connected up the connecting rods

Next job was some brakes, well they do come in handy from time to time. Talk about fiddly tho. At least doing it this way you can take them off should you need to get the wheels off.

The chassis has had it's guard irons fitted and a mount for the motor to sit on, I usually put a bit of insulation (from some odd electric wire) on top of the mount just to stop any vibration.

 Am pleased how it's coming along

Well, we all make mistake's, i was sure that Romford/Markitts crankpin bearings were 1.7mm diameter but alas they are 1.5mm. I have drilled the con rods out to big and now the chassis isn't very free running, locks up on every quarter of a turn. Waiting for some brass rod to fill in the excess. What's that saying....Measure twice, cut once.
 Chasses sprayed up and motor fitted.

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