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Thursday, 14 April 2016

3mm stuff

The mixed traffic magazine came through the door a couple of days ago ( He could of put it through the letter box) sorry!

Various articles
Scratchbuilding a GWR King,
An Atlas bullied,
Performing pick-ups,
Wantage Tramway,
As ever it's always a dam good read

Just thought i would show off these, They took ages to build but persevered and got there in the end.
  They came from an etch that was a good few years old, so i was told. The etches were very thin and needed a lot of strengthening up. All that i had was the sides and ends every thing else was made up from parts that are still available from the 3mm Society, battery boxes, dynamo's, wheels, Bogie castings etc.
  The floor was made from brass sheet, Sole bars from brass strip. Roof's, i made one and use it as a pattern to make a mould and cast them from resin complete with rain strip. The Torpedo vents are from 3SMR.

Painted with Phoenix precision paints in LSWR livery circa 1895

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