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Thursday, 14 April 2016

An Adams 02

Thought i would share this with you. South eastern finecast kit of their Adams 02

 It's coming along
It has a High level 80-1 gearbox with a mashima 1424 motor, Romford wheels when i finally found a set as Mr Romford doesn't make them anymore, Thanks to a good friend of mine

This was a bit of a bugger to paint, thought i would make it as a separate unit and drop it in after the loco had been painted
Their doesn't appear to be a regulator though, might see if i can fashion one, need a picture of a backhead lol

 Thought i would finish the backhead today. I made the regulater out of a piece of white metal and some brass wire and soldered in. The two dials that are above the backhead are made from two 2mm axle bushes with some 0.60 brass wire soldered to them to represent the two water pipes each side. there should really be 3 gauges but, no to small (eyes aren't what they use to be mate)

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