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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Exton Quays station building

I have started the construction of a station building for Exton Quays.
What to build, was the first question. Obviously.
The second question was, what do you call a Bear with know ear?
Most Ex Lswr buildings seem to be of brick construction, some, where extremely elaborate affairs, with stone cornerstones, fancy roofs, stone window frames and huge chimney designs.
I thought this was perhaps rather overkill for Exton Quays.
Looking around for ideas, something small, interesting and fairly easy to construct.
I drive passed it most days so thinking, Breamore could fit the bill.
I took a few measurements, it didn't have to be exact as im not building a model of Breamore station, but at least i had a starting point in mind.
The walls have been made up with good old South Eastern finecast brick sheet and all windows and window openings have been made and cut out. Ready for the sad part, each window was made to fit each opening. Everest Glazing where extremely helpful for this.
One concern. 
The roof looks like it might be slightly problematic. 
Exton Quays station building

How the windows will fit. As SEF brick plastikard is so thin i thought it would be a good idea to set the windows back from the front face, of course it involves cutting 5mm strips of brick and turning 90 degree to create a window aperture. I think it looks very effective, better than cutting a hole and sticking a window on the inside.  

Windows made up from Evergreen plastic strip

On a slightly different note.
My Defence
After all, i am only human.
 I had a painting spree last weekend, as the airbrush was out, i grabbed anything that needed a coat of the shiny stuff.
This Roxey Mouldings carriage needed a coat of primer. it had been sat on the shelf for a while now, so that to had a new coat.
It wasn't till the next day when i took a look and realised that ONE hasn't finished ONES carriage.
It's what happens when you leave something, to go off on a tangent, and do something else, only to come back to it, and have forgotten what the hell it is you were trying to achieve in the first place.

One other item i have been working on which will feature in a future post as i am sworn to secrecy for the moment, but lets just say, it involves a journey to the DARK SIDE 

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