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Monday, 1 January 2018

Exton Quays an update from yesterday


Further progress has been made on Mr & Mrs Jenkins house,we now have that sort of idyllic looking cottage feel, although, back in the day this would have been how it was struggling on, to make ends meet. 
The left hand side has been planted with Runner beans, Rhubarb,Onions and potatoes all made by myself, non of your Noch stuff here.

The right hand side will have a shed and greenhouse, sooo, doing what one does these days, i googled it to see what is available on the greenhouse front.
And what did i find you ask? Well, i found something that, i think looks stunning. Duly ordered and winging its way through the post.
Have a look through this site, he has some really well detailed kits, including a stunning looking greenhouse and shed.There is also a section on preparing and painting, Andy is a man after my own heart and is a believer of the Citadel paints, sold at the 

The next thing that i have been pondering on is the quay side. I had already decided to use the Anyscale models walling, but could it be painted up enough to look stunning, well, my own opinion admittedly, but i think it looks dam good. Its those Citadel paints again, you know. I also added some dark green scatter to represent seaweed along the high water line.

Anyscale models harbour walling 
An after and before shot, yes, should have done it the other way round.
Anyscale models before/after

I thought the steps were perhaps a bit steep but after looking at some old photos of quay sides, yes, some of them are bloody steep, so i decided to roll with it. 

Just an overall shot i took the other day. 
The blue foam at the front will be shaped in to some sort of land. This is a river dock not an ocean going port, the general public will be stood on the other side of the river, on land, looking in, not stood in the middle of the sea. 
That's be it, snuff

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