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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Monday, 2 April 2018

Exton Quays First Train

A milestone has been reached.

A bit of time off work over the Easter weekend gave some time to get on with Exton Quays. The Fiddle yard is now working and wired up, i will post about the fiddle yard later as to how complicated one could make it, anyhow, back to the first train. 

Now the fiddle yard is sorted you just have to try it out, bolting the Two halves together, plug in Two wires, switched on the electrics and the whole lot shorted out, wasn't the outcome i was hoping for. Looking at it, scratching one's head, thinking it must be the fiddle yard as the main layout ran ok during testing. There it was staring me in the face, you haven't gapped the PCB on the rail joints on the sector plate. 
This was duly sorted and YEAH we are up and running.
So, if you have nothing more exciting to do, here are a couple of very sort videos.
It just had to be the Adams Radial!
Built by me from a PDK kit.


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