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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Exton Quays River test pods

Exton Quays has a river come dock area, 
based on the idea of Wareham, where there is a quay side then a road bridge and turning into a rather scenic river scene, ie; the River Frome.
 As Exton Quays is based somewhere in Devon, near the River Exe, i was looking at pictures of Devon rivers and came to the conclusion that some of them are made up from a sandy river bed, with a dark browny grass growing from it, with the river itself tending to have a brown tint to it.
How to achieve this look in "model form"
I thought it might be a good idea to do some tests. After grovelling for a piece of timber and hacking 8 holes in it, we have a test bed.

The water used for the test is Woodland Scenics Realistic water C1211.
Same amount for each test (half of one of those plastic shot glasses you find in Supermarkets) Stir gently, you do not want any air bubbles.
First thing i noticed is that it shrinks, believe me it shrinks.
To be fair, on there video of this stuff,  they only pour in a layer of 
1-2 mm, but me being me, and being impatient just poured the stuff in to the level of the surface so equating to around 6 mm. 

 Here are the results of the test, that's if you're not bored already and thinking, what the hell is he up to now.

Base painted Burnt Umber acrylic. 
Fine beach sand (wont say which beach)
 Dyed filter fibre (the blue stuff used for fish tanks) 
Citadel Paints, earthshade 10 drops.  

Base painted Burnt Umber+gray acrylic.
Dark Brown fine ballast.
Mixed static grass.
6 drops of Woodland Scenics B/U C1222

Base painted Burnt Umber + Green Acrylic.
W/S Grey fine Ballast
W/S coarse Umber ballast.
Dried Moss.
Citadel paints. 4 drops Drakenhof Nightshade.

Number Four
Base painted, B/U + Green Acrylic.
W/S course Umber Ballast.
W/S fine Umber ballast.
Water, as it comes from the bottle.

Base Painted B/U + Grey.
Fine Dark Brown ballast.
That beach sand.
TP 00713 sage read
NOCH forest cover 07010
3 drops Raw Umber Acrylic.

Come on , stick with me, it's taken ages to do this. All in the name of some Cameo Competition.
Base painted Grey acrylic.
fine beach sand.
acrylic Burnt Umber 5 drops 

Base painted acrylic green.
Javis course brown flock.
TP 00891
TP 00892
Burnt Umber acrylic 1 big dollop.

NUMBER EIGHT (last one)
Base painted Acrylic Green/ Burnt Umber.
Dark brown static fibres, short 2mm.
W/S long grasses (cut with scissors)
Dry grass static fibres.
Citadel paints Biel-tan Green 8 drops  

I am leaning towards Number 2 or Number 6 but i will use Deluxe Materials Solid water, Why, i hear you ask, I have used it before on Pine Road, that was Nine Years ago and it still looks the same as it did the day i poured it.
Perhaps this little test may be of some use to you, perhaps not now but who knows what you may build in the future.  

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