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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Rotorail, Parkstone Goods and some Cromptons

We went to Rotorail yesterday with Parkstone Goods.
A good day was had by all.
A good show was put on, well organised, very friendly and helpful guys.
I have to say that the layout don't aff look good fitted with its lighting rig.
A comment was made that the Double arrows on the Parkstone sign should have been Red, to match the two on the information panel.
Well, you do your best don't you. In my defence i was trying replicate the Platform signs that are usually attached to lamp posts, so technically the 'Double arrows' shouldn't be there anyway.
But,,, you know, you just can't win can you. 
Parkstone Goods

Parkstone Goods
 Every layout should have something that tells the viewer, what it is, where it is, the idea and if possible in this case, before during and after photos.
Parkstone Goods Information Board
 Also, i picked up a Crompton, actually a "slim jim" Why do i need a "slim jim" well i don't but for 43 quid i couldn't say no. It just meant that one would have the full set 33/0, 33/1, 33/2. Did one ever run down to Poole, that i can't say, other than them running to Eastleigh for maintenance.

Heljan Class 33 Number 33206 "Slim Jim"
Heljan Class 33 33 206
 A treo of Heljan 33s
Number 33059 on the left.
Number 33117 in the middle
Number 33206 on the right
A treo of Cromptons
  It would appear that Exton Quays has become a bit of a Photographic Arena.
Will Exton Quays have a DCC option ????????

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