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Saturday, 26 May 2018

AGM 3mm Society 2018

Its been one of those weeks where you have been rushing around but feel that nothing is getting done.
Work has been nuts all week, where does it all keep coming from.
Enough moaning, i might get a reputation for it.

Last weekend, saw a trip to Swindon for the AGM with the 3mm Society. Its that scale somewhere between 'N' and '00' A scale that i love but oh so complicated to obtain anything. Don't get me wrong, there are loads of stuff available but working out who does what, and where to get sutch item, can turn into needing a Bachelor's degree in research.
Perhaps there is a Haynes Manual on the subject!

I didn't take my camera DoH!

I decided to enter my LSWR carriages in the competition,
Passenger carrying, non motorised vehicles have to be entered in to the "CUCKMERE TROPHY" (you can only enter up to 3 vehicles, its a Four car set) Not to be deterred, one enters.

The "Cuckmere Trophy"
  Yeah, Look at me, i won
I really ought to build a 3mm layout, don't panic Mr Mannering, there is something in the pipeline. This pipeline might be as long as the one in Aussie but, i promise you, i do have an idea. 

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