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Monday, 25 February 2019

LSWR Adams G6 Class

You don't hear from me for a while and then get Two posts in one night, well, trying to catch.

I have started one of South Eastern Finecast Adams G6 kits
I like there kits, they generally go together fairly well and the good about White Metal kits is they are nice and weighty.

As with the Terrier, the G6 being an 0-6-0 we have gone down the compensation/springing route again. If you have one of my Chassis Jigs you may want to look Here to see how i use it to install Hornblocks. Only 6 left. I have recently had some new pins made up, They have a 1mm x 3mm turned end instead of the tapered ends, this is the same size as Romford/Markits crankpins. These will be going on sale shortly or contact me through the blog.

Lets get back to the G6.
The Chassis is a bit of a Heinz 57 as it is made for other kits as well as the G6 but goes together well. You are left to your own devices as to attach body to chassis.
As usual i have gone to Chris at Highlevel for one of his LoLoader Gearboxes, a 1420 Mashima Motor and his Hornblocks.

Pictures say it all really
Adams G6

Adams G6
 Just the tank sides and rear of the bunker fitted at the moment.
More to follow later in the week.
Adams G6
Thanks for Looking.

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