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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Another Parkstone update

I am pleased with how this is coming together, as British rail use to say "we are getting there"
Always very hard to see roofs, i mean, who the hell goes around taking photo's of roofs. According to the drawing it says "roof of 14 gauge zinc sheeting, no mention of any corrugated sheeting.  
The two ends and roof done just the front and back valance to complete. Thankfully there are no "dragons teeth on the back, still a lot of holes though.
The front platform edge where the main down line should be. one day it might get added on but for the time being this is your lot.
Blow me some one took a photo of the roof

The roof originally extended out to the left and the foot bridge was covered as well so you could walk from one side to the other completely in the dry

"That;s all folks" well for now anyway 

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