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Monday, 13 June 2016

shedding affairs

This was today's project, a shed, funnily enough it's grey as well but only needed the one not fifty.
   In a photo i found of Parkstone there was this in the background. I think it may be slightly higher than it should be but on the whole it's come out well. Not bad for a few hours work.

  Trying to decipher what it was built from, defiantly no corrugated sheeting i think it was probably zinc sheeting the same as the awning roof. As for colours, a pure guess as it was a Black and White photo. It looked very dark, Darker than i have done but Black...Really! The sides are painted with Humbrol Met No 11 which goes on very well and really looks like a metal/aluminium finish.

   Made from Plastikard sheet and strip and some "wet n dry" for the roofing felt. Weathered down with some Humbrol weathering powders. Note to one's self... use different mat/cutting board for these powders as this stuff coats everything and will not come off. I think they should be renamed weathering stains.

Probably a piece of useless information for you but the door knob is from some brass pins that a guy sells on that eBay thingy site on tinternet. He sells all different sizes length's and diameters. I have also found them very useful for valve gear, eek      

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