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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Adams 02 finished

An update on the South Eastern Finecast's Adams 02. Yes, she's done. I'm over the moon with this, it has turned out really well and she runs like a dream. A coat of satin varnish, a driver crew and some real coal in the bunker really sets her off. No 199 was one of the 1891 batch numbered 196-210. No199 was withdrawn in December 1962 .she was an Exmouth shedded engine.
   It's a minefield, i thought the Adams Radial's were of the Heinz 57 variety but the 02's seem to be just as bad. I have just read with horror that No 199 may have been fitted with "motor train equipment" at one time but was removed some time after 1903. Phew panic over.
   I do feel for the RTR manufactures and what they have to put up with. The public complaining about the price, detail differences, paint colours and dimensions. It's not until you have a go at a kit that you realise what goes in to building and putting together one of these things, Hats off to them    

 Driver wondering when he is going to start work.
A front end view. I chose No199 as i read some where that she quite often stood in for the Adams Radial on the Lyme Regis branch if the two Adams were out of use.
 Ready for work on "Pine Road"
Just couplings to put on and debating weather to fit the glass windows, "mmm" i should i think.
Choo Choo! Bells in the signal box ringing, whistle blows and off she goes on her maiden journey.
Just how it should be

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