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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fun with Foam

I have never used this stuff before but bought a can and thought i would have a go. Take one can of expanding Foam. Be aware very aware, you can see the fumes coming off this stuff as you spray AND it will at the very least triple in size.
 I forgot to take a photo of this stuff after it had expanded ("DoH"). After borrowing the Girlfriends very special bread knife this is the result. Actually quite handy stuff, beats having Polystyrene balls all over the place.
 Mix up some "Gloop" OK so it's Polyfilla and Paint with a bit of PVA added for extra flavour, Bake in the oven at 180° for Two hours basting regulaly, OOOps, sorry, wrong book. Has anyone noticed that spellchecker doesn't know how to spell "flavour".
 Add greenery to taste. Not finished yet but this is a view down the branch towards the pottery.
 I have also added some signs to the Waiting room and weathered it down a bit.

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