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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lima Class 73

Been playing around with this for a while now. It started life out as the Lima Intercity version. I wanted a blue one but just couldn't find one anywhere, of course recently they seem to have turned up everywhere, guessing because of Dapol's version.

So having dipped it in Dettol i was left with a completely clean body. A repaint in Corporate blue i think she looks great as 73 103

After the dip in Dettol i set about removing the moulded hand rails, after a good clean up a complete repaint was applied. New wire handrails were fitted, these were a bit of a pain as the four corner ones are an odd shape trying to get them to stay put.

Good old Shawplan's Lazerglaze was fitted. Because of the repaint they were a bit of a tight fit but some very careful filling and all sorted.

I re-used the Lima jumper cables as didn't think they looked that bad. I may change the airhorns tho. Other details are the steps on the Bogies, this is a real must they are a bit fiddly to put together but definitely well worth it. They came from P.H.Designs. Worth having a look at his site Here

This was another big change. The Lima motor did not run well so it's fitted with one of High Levels motor bogies. These i have to say are brilliant. I think he does 2 or may be 3 types but they are a direct fit. A bit of care is needed to put them together  but now it runs superb and will crawl around the layout all day long. Go on then, another site for you to look at Here

Not the best of picture's but you get the idea.
Oh, yes the wheels are from Romford/Markitts

You may be interested that this is DCC sound fitted. I got the chip from a friend who doesn't believe in DCC, well you try to teach and old dog but ...............
So i was very grateful that he let me have the chip. After fitting, setting up etc, Loco ran but no sound oh great. but, wondered if it's the speaker. How do you test a speaker, If in doubt ask Youtube. Multi meter across the terminals on the speaker, nothing. Order new speaker, Speaker duly arrived and fitted, "Yeeeeah sound" Only thing is it's the electric sounds. No third rail at Parkstone in 1975. well, it works, runs, bleeps and stuff.

Still a few little things to finnish but it's been an entertaining project and have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.  

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