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Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Shunter's tale

Excuse the title but i couldn't help myself.

An extra large photo for an extra large engine.
This is the new Dapol 0 gauge 08 shunter and superb she is. 
Dapol 08 shunter
Dapol 08 Shunter
Dapol 08 shunter
This is my own shunter in the form of a Bachmann 00gauge version
Bachmann 08 shunter.
This is one is Ho version. i forgot to ask it's origin. (lima perhaps)

And here we have an N gauge version
N gauge 08 Shunter
Well, come on, it just had to be done didn't it.
So what do we call this, 
A pride of shunter's
A shoal of shunter's
A gaggle of shunter's
If only a certain person had remembered to bring his 3mm scale version. "DoH" you know who you are!!!!!

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