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Sunday, 4 December 2016

CCT Van painted

An update on the CCT van. It is now painted.

Hornby CCT van

We have gone from an LMS livery to good old BR blue
A slightly unorthodox way of painting this.
Thought i would try the "Hairspray" method.

I was trying to get that faded blue effect, so a quick rub down, a coat of primer then a thin spray over of white, a quick brush over with your wife's firm hold cheapy hairspray. Let dry for a good few hour's and then a coat of BR blue. Leave for another good few hours.    

Hornby CCT van
 A cotton bud, a blunt cocktail stick and some Tcut very gently rub away and this is the result.

I'm rather pleased with it.  

Hornby CCT van

Just need transfers and a coat of Matt varnish and we are sorted.

Happy Days

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