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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Making a point.

This possible new project of mine may involve some inset trackwork.
I thought i would have a play and see if it could be done
Just like the real thing,
ie: using rail for the infill either side of the running rail.
I am aware that in 4mm scale the gap is probably going to look huge but i thought it may be worth a try.
I have built a point.
( or Turnout, even switch, if your in America)
This is a 30 inch radius, there isn't a lot of room on this layout but its acceptable.

This is the look i am trying to achieve.
The gap looks huge, eek

Just in case you were wondering the actual "Frog" is on the left.
All this filing, cutting and soldering is making me croak a bit, haha.

Placing a wagon on the track you can see how much sideplay there actually is in 00 gauge.
(could you narrow the gap down a bit?)
wheel back to back is at 14.5
 Well, it don't look bad!

The business end 

Now we have to work out where to make the insulation cuts.
I hadn't thought about this bit, had i.
Feeling a "brainache" coming on.
 A long way to go yet but think this might just work.
Only Three more to do,
But as they say

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