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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pin point bearings and couplings.

Pinpoint bearings.
A great idea, free running wagons they roll along quite happily when you want to pull Twenty plus wagon trains.
Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, i've not found anywhere else where it has been discussed.
here is my issue.
Running twenty plus wagon trains is not for me, Parkstone is basically a shunting layout. I find Wagons are just that bit to free running for my needs, not coupling up, just pushing the wagon along without the hook going over the bar, or wagons being pulled on their own should you be using permanent magnets laid between the rails, you know, you get that rocking movement as the hook finds the centre pull of the magnet.
As i am only pulling 5-7 wagons at a time i have come up with a solution.
Yes, i bloody have you know.

All you need is some OOO gauge (0.16mm) steel spring wire. It's generally used for Harpsichords, you can find it on good old eBay.
Drill 0.2mm hole in base of wagon under centre of axle.
Sorry about this but you may have to remove your axle.
 Cut a length of  the said wire just a touch longer than from the floor to your wonderful running axle.
 Add a spot of Cyno glue to end of wire and push into hole.
 Pop your wheel set back in and you will feel a small amount of resistance just enough to hold your wagon put.
I have only done one axle per wagon as this is more than enough resistance.
Which brings me onto my second issue.
Well, not really an issue more of a blessing.
I think the guys at Bachmann should be congratulated on the design of there wagons.
Has anyone else noticed this ? the underside of their wagons is perfectly designed for the fitting of Spratt 'n' Winkle couplings. They even give you a guide as to were to locate them.

Spratt n Winkle couplings
 I'm guessing that this is a pure fluke ( would like to know otherwise) but well done Bachmann for inventing the "Fluke"

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