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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Roxey Mouldings LSWR 48ft stock

This is another project i have been working on.
I said yesterday that i hadn't posted much lately, now you know why.

A little while ago i had a trip to the expoEM spring exhibition at Bracknell, spent a small fortune and came back with Two Roxey Mouldings carriage kits.
The first one i have started to build is the (4C18) LSWR 48ft Tri-composite brake Lav

Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-composite

This is the first time i have built one of their carriage kits and i have to say, they go together very well.
After some burnt fingers (somethings never change) a consultation with the bible (LSWR Carriages Volume one 1838-1900) by the man himself Mr G.R Weddell Page 167, you are pretty much sorted. There are differences so watch your time scale.

I'm not quite sure what i am going to do with the interior yet but had the forethought of measuring up, and cutting out the interior walls from Plastkard. I have seen this method done before but for the life of me, i have know idea where or whom it came from.

The main body all soldered up. Door knobs, drop lights, door handles and door vents fitted, tumbledome formed and ends attached.
Some might say, paint before adding door knobs/handles. I would prefer to solder everything up first. It's a bit of a pain, i know, but "Maskol" is a wonderful product.
Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-Composite
 Sat on its bogies
Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-Composite
 The door jam gap (you know what i mean) i scored in with a scriber it's not represented on the etch. I'm not quite sure how this is going to look after its painted.
Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-Composite
 Fitting those Sprat 'n' Winkle proved problematic, on these carriages the bogies are virtually on the end of the carriage.
Doesn't give you a lot of room.
Sprat 'n' winkle couplings
Some modification took place
Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-Composite
 I had to drop the front cross member of the bogie to allow enough movement for the balance weight. On the track its not to noticeable.
At least on the pair of carriages only One coupling hook is needed, happy days.
Roxey Mouldings 4C18 LSWR 48ft Tri-Composite
  A few more jobs to do and then crack on with the second one.

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