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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Brassmasters Point Rodding stools

Crackin little things these but oh, very fiddly to put together.
This second batch tho are etched a lot better and go together fairly easily.
you will need loads of patients but they do look good.
To get these go to.

This is what you will get. There are 3 pieces to each stool.

Before i cut out the etches, i used a scribe just to open up the slots.
Cut out the Two Stools and turn the brackets 90 degrees. Only do this once as they will break off.

You will end up with this x 2.

Push one side into the base

Then the other side. 

You should now have this.

I do a batch and then thread them onto a wire just to make sure they all line up.
The bases are just filled with solder. 

 Solder away to your hearts content and this is what you will end up with, ready to paint and to trim to how ever many stools you need in a run

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