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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Breamore station

Recently i was invited for a look around Breamore station. Opened on the 20/04/1866 by the Salisbury and Dorset joint Railway.
4 days before christmas, that's an odd one.

One thing they had plenty of, was rail, so we will use some to support the water tank 

 We think there was a wall across the middle of the room to devide the ticket office from the waiting room. the ticket window has been saved and fixed into the back wall. 
 looking the opposite way and the original fireplace is still in tacked.
 Looking on the platform side, the gravel area is where the old lever frame use to be.
 Looking towards Salisbury, the old bridge is still in tact.
 Looking towards West Moors
 How many of these are left. The original Southern Railway lamp post is still there although some of the concrete has exploded but amazed its still standing.
 The front of the building from the approach road. Even has the typical LSWR louver on the roof.
 A closer view.
 I hereby declare.
 What is this?, there were quite a few of these laying around down the line.
I think it is a point rodding stool, the bit that bolts to a sleeper buried in the ground and the metal rollers bolt to this. 
 If anyone has another theory then i would love to know.
 The side door
 1/2, half of what ? Gradient sign ?
 Opposite the station is this old shed made from railway sleepers stood on end. In Middleton's press book this is in one of the photos and its still there.
This is how to build a shed if you want it to last, just asking to be modelled.
One will appear on Exton Quays
A fascinating afternoon was had.
Thank you for letting me look around.
I also found this video. She is an amazing singer and hope she doesn't mind me sharing it here.

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