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Monday, 23 October 2017

Exton Quays update 2 or possibly 3

The point rodding is complete, "yeah"
I'm not sure that i would want to attempt this again but, i have to say that the end result is well worth the 'ballsache' of a job that it is.
Fiddley, mind numbing spring to mind instantly. Not my favourite occupation in the world of Model Railways.

We have also added the ground form for the scenery. And yes, even started on some of the leafy stuff.

No Signal box on this layout, it will have a lever frame under the canopy of the Station building, as was the case at Breamore.
I have never seen this modelled before, thought it would be something different.  

Built up on Two cut lengths of your good old coffee stirring sticks and stained with Ronson's Mahogany stain, It does exactly what it said it would do on the tin.
The good old Southern Railway Peco concrete platform edging, well, you have to, don't you.
It has been hacked about somewhat.
1st, it's far to tall. I get the impression it was originally made to compensate for the old fashioned foam underlay.
2nd, the top edge just isn't right. Look at concrete platform edging and it has slabs resting across each upright column, so the top edge has been removed.  
3rd, Looking at old pics, you can see the sole bars of carriages but in the model railway world it seems normal practice to have platforms just below door level. 

The ground structure has been made up using card formers and as in a previous post for 'Parkstone' another episode of 
Looking across the widest part of the layout, this is only 22" wide.

This was a pure fluke, the sky almost has a 3D effect and looks as if it is hanging over the layout. 

Some greenery has been added. Trying to think back a few years, and remember, how the look of Pine Road was achieved and what was used.


  1. Simply wanna comment that you have a very decent site, I love the layout it really stands out.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the comment. Keep watching, who knows what might happen next.