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Monday, 4 July 2016

Parkstone's Footbridge

It's been a few day's since i posted anything (sorry about that). There is of course a reason for this. I have been working on the footbridge for "Parkstone Goods". It's quite a structure, originally had a roof but it was blown away in a storm one night during the 1950s according to my cousin.

Thought i would post a couple of photo's of the real thing first, taken by my own good camera.

 So, to the model. so far this is the result, still lots to do tho. I wish i had made a door rather than use one i found in the "bits box"

 this was the worst part, doing the steps. I thought they would have been concrete but their not. They are brick riser's with tiles for the steps so will be cutting out lots of tiles. (must be mad)

 The step's, all 18 of them. Sort of glad i am only doing one side of the station.


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