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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Photography has always been a second love of mine,
although some of you may think differently after the quality of some of the photo's on this blog.

Usually i't a case of "quick, i must take a photo of that for the blog" and grab the phone and use that.
Pure laziness, i know but the thought of getting the big camera out, i don't normally have the time.

So, one has treated one self big time and bought this.   

Canon G7x MarkII
After lots of reading reviews, scratching ones head, thinking, god , what to buy. I had decided on the Sony RX100, that's it, that's the one
A trip to Castle Cameras proved fruitful, more so for them than me in one way
 The staff were extremely helpful. I told them what i wanted it for and the features that i needed.
That's the Sony crossed of the list then
As i already have a Canon and know basically how it it works, lets stick with what we know.
Not that this is going to be one of those big reviews of the Canon, there are enough of those on the Interweb as it is but i have to say it's impressive.
It's a dam good package.

It has.
Bulb- good for low light and light painting.
AV priority- for getting a good depth of field.
A completely manual setting
Manual focusing- a big plus for me
Good in low light.
flip up rear screen.
20 million pixels.
It will shoot in RAW+Jpeg
it will even do time laps photography .
There's an APP (as there is for most things these days) Handy for taking photo's without touching the camera.

I had a bit of a play.
These were taken in a low light room with the curtains drawn as the layout faces the window and causes all sorts of problem.
Taken on Bulb for 5 seconds
ISO 400
Could this be the replacement for the G12
Click on pics for a larger view

Pine Road SR van

Smallbrook studios Road van

Pine Road goods yard

Kernows 02
From now on, all future pics will be taken using the Canon G7x Not bad for a first attempt.
when i have gotten my head around how things work,
Things can.............................

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