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Monday, 24 July 2017

Exton Quay The beginnings.

Exton Quay

Not sure on the name yet but we have made a start on the new project.
I wanted a smaller version of Pine Road, basically, a layout that's easier to transport and take to exhibition, something to run the stock that is used on Pine Road.
Most of the stock is kit built and some of it gained a lot of attention at past exhibition.
As one is getting older now (quiet at the back please), something that was more manageable was the main objective. Pine Road was never designed as an exhibition layout but one caught the bug, didn't one.
Pine Road has not been broken up but has become a permanent fixture in the spare room.
to the new project.

Exton Quay, Baseboard

Exton Quay Control panel

Baseboard, yes, that will be the other end.

With the help of Martin at 
we built the baseboard, measuring 5' 5" X 2' 2" with built in control panel, the only thing to bolt on at exhibitions is the fiddle yard.
As regards to legs, i have bought Two of those adjustable trestles you see at B&Q recommended to me from a good fellow modeller.
99p cheaper than Screwfix (at the time of writing this) Bare in mind that you do need Two, there is only one in the box DoH!
Track laying begins
We had already worked out a plan, Five points gives you a bay platform, run round loop and Two sidings. I'm not one of those people that will cram track in everywhere.
As another fellow modeller once said to me, remember the number one rule, 
Keep it simple stupid
The good old method of copper clad construction is for me.
Station Throat

Layout general view

The story so far! 

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