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Monday, 5 April 2021

The Class 74 continues.

I thought I should post something as I have been trying to do regular posts on a Sunday night.
Can you guess why we are late this week ?
The Silver Fox Models Class 74 is turning into one of those long winded affairs, remember the Class 31, it went on for a few weeks didn't it.
I actually rather enjoy doing up old models and kits, trying to detail them and bring them up to today's standards.
I'm still waiting for a roof fan and grill, it's on its way.
Couldn't wait any longer, she has been painted
Buffer beam and jumper cables courtesy of Dapol, parts are avalable for there Class 73.
The front handrail is considerably thicker than the door handrails so .60 nickel silver wire for the front and .45 wire for the doors. I know the buffer beam looks Crooked it's not permanately fixed yet.

So then, has she got a running number yet ?
It just has to be 74 001 well I have a rather stunning photo of her in Poole yard.
There is a lot of waiting on parts for this one. EH shed codes transfers are on there way and some blinds/numbers for the SR headcodes. I am sure I had some.
We have also filed out the windows, only another 11 to do for the sides.
I have also gotten hold of a pair of these, it's going to have lights fitted as well.
From Bachmann very handy they are to.
One other small thing. I should really source a chassis for it. Oh yes, that's on its way as well.
I am keeping receipts for this one as I just keep hearing people complaining about how much RTR models are these days. It's not really in till you do this sort of thing, you realise how much goes into a model.
I shall write a list of all that it's costs and let's see.

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