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Monday, 30 May 2016

Parkstone Canope's

Canope's/ canopy's/ canopes.
Was trying to be funny their but can't work out how you do the funny little thing above a French letter, (umm er not that sort of letter).

Cut up lots of bits of brass and if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday Night you might end up with this, plus burnt fingers and sore thumbs.

Bit of cleaning up here and there and a dam good wash and brush up and it will be ready for painting. Right, will go and have a cup of tea and breath again. It was a bit of brain ache working this out and putting it together.

    I had one of those Brain ache events the other day while looking at the drawings of Parkstone, convert 1/4 inch to the foot and 1/8 inch to the foot drawings into 1 foot to the foot then convert all those "foot's" into 4mm to the foot scale, (bare with me) so lots of "foots"times 4 for 4mm to the foot scale gives you the size of things in 4mm scale or 00 gauge or 1:76th scale and 4 times as many mm to the foot so you end up with an awful lot of" millimeters" 

Now, if your still with me on this you'll know what a "Brainache event" is. Something akin to when you eat an Ice cream and you get that pain going through your head.

 Shall i shut up now and go and make this Tea.         

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