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Monday, 16 May 2016

Parkstone scenery

Bit of a messy weekend. Got the Pollyfilla out and did a bit of plastering on 'Parkstone Goods'

The brown is a lot darker than in these photo's. A good old mixture of Polyfilla, PVA and brown paint, oh and some water. I add the paint to the mix so should it get chipped white doesn't show through and find that adding PVA tends to make it a bit more flexible. Will leave to dry out for a couple of days and then add all the greenery. At the moment the bank at Parkstone is well over grown so was going to do the same on the model.

Also, i painted the 02 am really pleased, just the dreaded linning to do next
   More practice with the Bow Pen me thinks. I do cheat with the boiler bands and use transfers namely from HMRS. Will give her another coat of red on the buffer beams.

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