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Monday, 9 July 2018

Dapol Class 73

Dapol's Class 73
I have had this a while, its a superb runner but put with everything else on Parkstone the blue is, just so wrong.
Trying to avoid the prospect of repainting, what could i do.
Weathering seem the only other option, not that i have anything against weathering, its just that the 73 needs to be made to look more of a faded blue rather than dirtying it up.
At a recent exhibition i came across some white weathering powders. The pack actually consisted of White, Mid Grey and Gray What would you use white weathering powders for ??
I bought them anyway thinking they might come in handy for something one day.
That day came.
Doh! i didn't take a pic before it started.
Dapol Class 73 weathered

Dapol Class 73

Dapol Class 73
 Sorry, slightly overexposed but shows the bogie detail a treat.
I have fitted the push pull beams and the buckeye coupling in the dropped position, also the extra air pipes that come in the detailing pack.
You can see the bar that i fitted for the sprat & winkle coupling. 
The wheels have been painted as well.
Dapol Class 73

Dapol Class 73
 it always a good idea to have a photo of the real thing to hand 
Dapol Class 73
 One of the roof. I used a slightly different technique, seems to work well and when dry it leaves a fine texture to the paint.
I mixed some smoke weathering powder with Humbols "Matt Coat" thinned will a small amount of thinners and sprayed through the airbrush.
The whole model was given a coat of Humbrol Matt Coat to seal everything in after masking up the windows of course.  
Dapol Class 73

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