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I have been banging on about an announcement for a little while now.  Well, today is the day, i won't make you wait any longer. so ...

Sunday, 1 July 2018


I am running a series of photos every Sunday that were taken
in my trainspotting days.
The Ian Allan spotting books are dated
All the photos were taken during these dates.
I reckon i have something close to 200 photos here, all taken in the Corporate blue period from all over the country. The idea is to post One, maybe Two photos depending on what mood i am in. 
There is allsorts, some with trains, some just looking down the line, some out of focus, some to dark, some to light, some you may ask yourself, 'what the hell' Some i don't know exact dates, some i don't know numbers but they are all going to get posted.
   You are welcome to use the photos but it would be nice if you would copy the link or give some credit to the guy that took em. ie ME Colin Lockyer and/or THIS BLOG.

On the Kyle of Lochalsh line

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