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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Parkstone and Dapol Signals DCC Concepts.

Two signals on Parkstone Goods, One starter and one ground.
The starter was built from a Ratio kit who, now unfortunately use plastic basses and uprights. The one i built was of the Southern Rail built type.....It BROKE after being used at one exhibition, i had attached a servo to it with a "bouncing device" it did not like this.
Come on Peco, can't we go back to the good old white metal ones.

As time is always a problem, i looked at the Dapol one, well they had finally released there lattice type.
I have to say, it looks the part, the only gripe i have is that the arm is far to thick.
Here she is fitted.
Dapol Home Starter

The next job is wiring.
4 wires come out from these, Red, Black and Two Yellows.
Red and Black go to your power supply, now, i have heard of issues with these signals or rather the motor. I am running them off  a 9V supply, the same supply as used for the Cobalt point motors so, time will tell.
Dapol Signal wiring
 Parkstone has DCC concepts lever frame switches.
The question arose as to how to wire a Dapol Signal to one of the lever frame switches. Dapol say it should be a push to make switch.

You need the "momentary" switch on the Lever Frame 

I contacted DCC concepts on whether this could be done, with in 15 minutes i had a reply from Mick at Dcc concepts and yes it can.
Its easy.
The Two Yellow wires, one goes to the "common" Terminal 2 on the PCB supplied with the switch. The other Yellow wire is split and goes to terminals 1 and 3. Picture below should explain all.

Wiring Dapol signal to DCC concepts lever frame
  It works.

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